Talking Goals Pt II

Hey all! Sorry but there isn’t a Where I’ve been Wednesday post today.  I wanted to continue talking goals while it’s all fresh in my head.  However, if you feel like traveling a bit today, head over to my Travels page, to catch up on previous WIBW posts. I’m going to warn you now.  This is probably my longest post EVER.  Moving on . . .

I was talking to a very good friend of mine the other night and she was telling me about some of her plans for a healthier year.  It got me to thinking about how many people base their resolutions on their health.  I Googled it and found many sites claiming that 9/10 people make a health related resolution.  The common ones?

  • Lose weight
  • Eat less junk
  • Stop smoking
  • Work out
  • Sign up for a fitness event
  • Look HOTTTT in that swim suit

I understand the whole, “new year, new beginnings” concept but why do people wait until New Years to do these things?  Or if they aren’t waiting, what is it that made them unsuccessful the previous year?  It’s your health!  Isn’t the old saying, “If you’ve got nothing else, you’ve got your health?”  It’s something like that anyway. 



If you’re planning to make a healthy living related resolution or goal this year, I would like to offer a little assistance.  Here are my top suggestions to you all:

Make SMALL changes first

This has got to be the MOST important tip I’ve got.  Whether you are planning on working out or eating better, you need to start with baby steps.  If you just dive in, I can assure you that the majority of you will get overwhelmed and be part of the many that quit in less than 3 months. 

3 weeks

Also, unless you have some real ethical influence in your decision, DO NOT change your diet overnight. There is no absolute need for you to become a pescatarian, vegetarian, flexitarian, whatevertarian and/or vegan tomorrow. Here are some ways to make it easier.

  • Cut out the simple stuff
    • No Soda, no more than 1 (females) or 2 (males) alcoholic beverages a night, Reduce caffeine or switch from energy drinks to one cup of coffee.  DRINK MORE WATER!
  • Read your ingredient labels
    • Honestly? Forget about the nutrition facts.  You’ll do much better reading ingredients and making sure what you’re eating is REAL FOOD.  Can’t pronounce it?  Put it down and run away as fast as you can. 
  • Go meatless once or twice a week
    • Trust me.  This will make you a more creative cook at home.  It will also force you to really think about WHAT makes a complete meal.  No, easy mac does not count. 
  • Start easy before going balls to the walls with exercise. (check with your doctor first of course)
    • Try walking a few times a week
    • A fantastic intro to running is the couch to 5k program 
    • The Hundred Pushups program is an excellent intro to upper body strength as well
    • Look up some body weight exercises that you can do in the comfort of your home.  You can get a very effective workout with your bodyweight only.  However, once you’re comfortable, go brave the gym and switch up your routine.  OR skip the membership and get some exercise equipment for home. 
    • Steal your kid’s bike. It’s probably taking a backseat to videogames anyway. Even better idea?  Family bike rides!
  • Track your progress
    • Start a blog!
    • Join a free website like Sparkpeople or Livestrong
    • Keep a log or journal to track meals and exercise
    • Put a calendar up where you’ll see it All. of. the.Time.

That’s my top tips for jumpstarting your new healthier lifestyle.  I hope some of this helps and that you are very successful with your goals. 

Here’s to being the “bestest you” you can be!

super me


Have a great day!

Do you have any other tips to offer? 


8 thoughts on “Talking Goals Pt II

    • I really do get irked when my friends think they have to change everything RIGHT NOW. They always end up giving up because, “it’s too hard.” Um, of course it is. Take it easy please! 🙂

  1. Great tips! I love that you mention starting small. I think people often start out with these hugs goals, get overwhelmed, and quit before they’ve really even started.

    Along those lines, I’d also say just set a few goals. having a list of 20 things is nice, but there’s not way you can focus on that much at once. Choose 2-3 of the most important and keep the rest for mid-year or secondary goals.

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