My Bouncing Boy

So I decided I’ll be a three per week blogger starting next week.  Just because I couldn’t wait to show these ridiculous pictures of my favorite furry faces. 

I WAS studying but I looked over at Mocha and her sleeping face was so cute.  This face is just begging me to take a study break and do a doggy photo shoot right?


The blurry spot at the bottom is Whiskey jumping in the shot.


He hates it when Mocha gets attention and not him.  He also thinks he’s more photogenic than her.





Yeah, not so much.  He does give some interesting faces though

About this time Mocha got fed up with the Whiskey photo shoot and started to pick a play-fight with him.




Ok, ok. Time to get back to the studying biz but one last pic before I go.  When Whiskey gets super excited and starts playing with us, he starts bouncing around like a crazed pup.  We like to joke that we can dribble Whiskey like a basketball. 


I love how Mocha looks like she’s about to choke Whiskey out in the background

Happy New Years!!!


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