Five Things Friday

Hey all!  How’s your week been? I’m so excited that it’s Friday AND a three day weekend! Well I don’t have any particular direction today so I thought I would just share five random happenings from the week. 

1. It’s currently 910 PM and my muscles are GLOWING but in a good way.  One of the Hubby’s Christmas presents to me was a giftcard to Rubs for a massage and I took advantage of it tonight.


It was amazing and I can’t wait to go back.  I told my therapist about my tight IT band and so she twisted me up in some hip and leg stretches.  She also did some other hip loosening moves/rub downs and murdered my right calf.  It was a little sore from a run yesterday.  All I can say is I feel fantastic and sleep will come swiftly tonight.  Which is great because I’ve been on day shift this week and I’m so very tired.

2.  Last year I spent New Years bowling with friends since Aaron was “out of town.”

D n I bowling

I had so much fun that this time we’re both going. Unfortunately, I’m on call this weekend so it’ll only be ONE glass of champagne for me.

3.  I’ve been given my date for testing for my next rank, Feb 3.  The process is different in every service but in the Air Force we’re promoted on a schedule and according to test scores.  For example, I was given Senior Airman (E-4) on Sep 20, 2008.  My first opportunity to test for Staff Sergeant (E-5) came in April 2009 and I found out I made it in Aug 2009.  However, I didn’t get to put on Staff Sergeant until July 2010 because I made it so early.  That’s finding out you get a promotion and then waiting a WHOLE YEAR to take it.  Then I had to wait another year and a half just to get to test again for the next rank.  Anywho, this brings me to number 4.

4.  This test is a REALLY big deal to me because I want to make Tech Sergeant (E-6)  first time.  That means I have to study A LOT though.  In fact, I need to have these books pretty much memorized by Feb. 


In order to keep everything balanced it’s going to mean a little bit of sacrificing and that includes blogging. Boss’s orders and the Hubby’s.  So, it looks like I’m going to be a three per week (M, W, F) blogger until February 3.


Neither of them said wine was off limits during studying though Winking smile

5.  Last but most certainly not least, I am super stoked about breakfast tomorrow!  I swear that my favorite food blogger knows exactly what I’m thinking about and then puts it into food just for me.  I have a bag of almond meal in my pantry that I’ve been wondering what to do with and I was planning on getting another buckwheat bake together for tomorrow.  I was browsing my reader and found out that Ashley had made ANOTHER buckwheat bake recipe that is chock full of cinnamon and uses almond meal.  Score!

cinna buck bake

Source:  Edible Perspective

Um, did I mention that I’m super excited for breakfast tomorrow???

That’s all until Monday.  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend!

Happy New Years!


12 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. I found that wine and pistachios go great with studying! lol Good luck – you’ll blow it out of the water like you always do.

    Oooh – totally off subject, but I noticed honey in one of your food post pics… have you ever tried raw honey? If not I’ll bring in a sample… 🙂

    • Haha! I mean the wine just makes it easier to remember things since you’re relaxed right??? Thank you!

      I have not tried raw honey yet but am most def intrigued by it. I think all the waxy stuff in it scared me from trying it just yet. Have you read the articles about contaminated honey though? I’m a little scared to keep buying from grocers instead of farmers.

      Thanks for stopping by 😀

      • I have… unfortunately it’s like so many other highly processed foods these days; they are brought in from a ton of different sources (many unregulated in other countries) and mixed together. You could be getting part Karo syrup, part water, part contaminated honey that sat in a non-food-grade metal drum, etc. – there are a ton of horror stories. We buy local so we can get a feel for how the bees are tended to (and for the allergy benefits), and raw so all the beneficial properties aren’t boiled out. I’ll bring you a taste – and no waxy stuff. 😀

  2. Hi, I’m new to your blog. As a massage therapist myself I’m always happy to hear someone mention that they had a great experience with massage. It sounds like the therapist is a good one-not every MT includes stretching-but they should!

    Glad to have found your blog. Happy New Year!

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