WIBW: Oops…Wrong Mountain

Hey all!  How are you today?  Hopefully your holiday was wonderful and you’ve returned to work refreshed and happy. 

Well it’s Wednesday, which means it’s time for the next installment in Where I’ve Been Wednesday! If you’re a new reader, you can find the rest of the WIBW posts in the Travels section.  Just click a picture and off you go  Airplane

Today I thought we’d go BACK to the Dolomites and the Lake Barcis area in northeastern Italy (red star on the map).  First though, can we take a moment to look at all the awesome cities/countries surrounding where I used to live?  .

Barcis Map

Anywho, remember my “pretty hike” in the Dolomites?  About a year after that hike, a couple friends who had seen my pictures, asked me if I would take them to see the same views.  Of course I gave them a big “HELL YEAH!”  That’s still one of my favorite hikes EVER.  There was only one hitch that I didn’t exactly tell them about.  I didn’t completely remember how to get there.  Never the less, we all packed up our camelbacks, I grabbed my map and just crossed my fingers that it would come back to me as we went along. Who me? I’m a dummy sometimes . . . I know

We drove out to Lake Barcis (Barch-iss) and stopped for a few photos.

Some translations make me laugh


The lake is such an unreal shade of blue.  This isn’t even as bright as it gets.


And there’s our goal.  The top of this mountain gives spectacular views of the lake, the surrounding cities, mountains and on clear days you can even see the border of Slovenia.


Even if I wasn’t sure how to get to the top of the mountain,


I DID remember where all of the pretty picture spots on the way were.



After a bit I was able to find the right starting point for the hike and we started up the mountain.


We had a little too much fun with some of our pictures . . .


That’s my good buddy Joe up on the rock and below is Joe and Me in what we call our “Sickly Sweet” best friend photo.


Some of our other friends got jealous of our “Sickly Sweet” photo and jumped on the branch to get a group photo.  To which our branch answered by quickly dumping all four of us on the ground.



It was about here when I peeked out over the edge and realized that we took a left when we should have taken a right.  DOH!


I asked everyone what they wanted to do though and they all wanted to keep going. 


and even though we weren’t where we were supposed to be


I think we still got some pretty great pictures


Sooo, this is the view we were trying to get

hike 12

we were only one whole mountain off!


not bad though


The moral of the story? 

  • Don’t get lost
  • If you’re going to bother having a map at least know how to use it
  • Even if you’re in the wrong place, it’s the right place if you’re with great friends

Oops! I forgot a few details: This hike only took about 5-6 hours. The sun was going down earlier because we did our hiking in the middle of October. Also, while it was steep, it wasn’t a super difficult hike and we weren’t walking around in circles forever. Once we figured out we were going the wrong way we just kept going straight. That way there was absolutely NO confusion on how to get back.

Have a great day!




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