Winterhaven, Arizona

Hey everyone! I hope you are enjoying your Christmas holiday.  The hubby and I sure are.  We’ve opened presents, have bread baking away and two cornish hens marinating right now.  We’re off to the movies later tonight too.  It’s a very full Christmas for sure Smile  Anywho, I meant to show the pictures of Winterhaven last week but I wanted to see if I could get back to get just a few more.  That didn’t happen so here they are just in time for Christmas.  I hope you’re prepared since there are A LOT of pictures.

Winterhaven is a town that’s located in the center of Tucson and was built in the 1930s.  The man who built it missed the evergreens of the east coast and so he planted them all over the development.  He ALSO made sure that each tree had a power outlet at their base.  Now, every year, Tucson Electric Power company decorates them for free. Each house in the town decorates for Christmas too so now thanks to the founder, Tucson has its very own little Christmas town. 



This house had movies playing outside in their “Christmas Theater.”  When we rode through, Horton Hears a Who was on.



Someone else had their house decorated as a Harry Potter theme


And of course what’s Christmas with out Peanuts


or A Christmas Story?  (This was the only light on in the house)



I’m not sure if you can tell in this next one but they decorated their roof like an ocean with a full moon.  There are silhouettes of dolphins and whales.






Merry Christmas!


4 thoughts on “Winterhaven, Arizona

  1. Pretty! I usually look at lights in a nearby neighborhood. There are always tons of people and even carriage rides, but the houses don’t look nearly that cool.*

    • Oh I’m sure they are very pretty where you’re at too. There was a ton of people here too! We took a trolley ride through but there were hayrides and booths with hot chocolate, tea and kettle corn. Very fun 😀

      Merry Christmas Chica!

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