Christmas Surprise

Hey guys! How are you today?  The Christmas traffic is crazy no?  I swear I almost got hit in a parking lot today by some chica who was in SUCH a rush that she just flew around a corner without slowing down at all. Grrr.  Peeps just gotta slow down! No present is worth a car accident.  Anywho, <huff> I came home from my crazy shopping spree to a wonderful surprise from the hubby.  Remember my decorating woes two weeks ago?

Well when I walked in the door, my walls were decorated with these guys


and my book case had been turned into a Christmas tree . . . kind of


and he’d decorated it with new ornaments he got us



Which I thought was funny because I had actually got us a new ornament while I was out and about too.  You see, we’ve been married for three Christmas now but this is our first one just the two of us.  The first time we had to go visit his family since his brother (also in the Air Force) was in town (It was still a good time though!).  Last year, Aaron was deployed so I was at my parents’.  THIS year we’re actually together.  We’ve had it really rough this year so I got this ornament to show Aaron that I felt like this one was a super special one.  It’s cheesy, which I told him, but he still gave me a big smile and hug.  I think he agrees with me Red heart


Anywho, we’re going to clear the books off of two shelves and fill them with presents.  At least they’ll be out of the dogs’ reach that way.  Then we’re off to the movies! 

Have a great night folks!


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