WIBW: Windsor Castle

Hey all! How is your week going so far?  Are you super stoked it’s hump day and only FOUR days from Christmas?  Oy! Where has this year gone???  My Christmas presents have yet to go out because I bought the wrong kind of ribbon (didn’t realize the type mattered till I started). So now I’ve got this mess


and a few sad attempts at pretty jars.


which is why I’m really glad there are 12 days of Christmas.  They aren’t late until January 6th! 

Anywho,  today is Where I’ve Been Wednesday and so I though I would show you a little bit of Windsor Castle.  This was by far one of the most interesting places we visited (in my opinion anyways).  It probably would have only been trumped by the Tower of London but I’ll leave that story for another day. Here are a few fun facts:

  • Windsor is over 900 years old and spans 13 acres
  • There are about 500 people living and working in the castle (The Queen lives here most weekends too)
  • The first two facts make it so Windsor is THE oldest, largest, and still populated castle
  • The castle survived World War I and II but in 1992 almost 100 rooms were nearly destroyed in a fire.  The castle was completely restored by 1997 though.

This isn’t my picture (we didn’t go in through the front) but it’s beautiful no?

Castle Front


Here is the walk way that we took up the west side of the castle.




Here we are inside the outer reinforcements.  We were given free audio guides to listen to while we walked around.  The guide said some of these walls are 3 feet thick! As you can see, my family didn’t leave me much time for photos.  Look at how fast they’re going!


I stuck my camera over a wall to get a peek and found a garden Open-mouthed smile  The red, viney border at the bottom of this pic will be covered with flowers in May which will leave a great flowered border along the wall.  I wish I could see this place then. 



Side story:  Do you know the punching game “Slug Bug”?  I’m sure you do.  Anywho, do you see the woman below with the red coat?  My Father in Law and I started a game called “Red Coat.”  EVERY TIME we saw someone in a red coat we’d slug each other in the arm.  It’s a good thing we weren’t really hitting hard because this game was ridiculous.  I think every other person in England owns a red coat. 

Moving on . . .


I saw these three characters above a lot of doors and archways. 


That was my last picture before we got inside.  We were ABSOLUTELY NOT allowed to take photos inside and there were wardens and guards everywhere making sure of it.  Sad smile My favorite displays though were

  • Queen Mary’s Dolls’ House – It’s a Castle built at a 1:12 ratio.  Meaning 1 inch for every foot.  The house stands over 3 ft tall! The coolest part though was that everything in it runs like a full sized version of it.  There are working water pipes and running automobiles in it.  There was a mini treasury with a mini crown jewels in it.  AND every single book and painting in it was commissioned by the actual authors and painters of the full sized version.  The books are actually books, just miniature.  Anywho, I thought this was an awesome portion of the tour.
  • Crimson Room – A giant red and gold room.  I can’t tell you how beautiful it was.
  • The Armory Room – This was a super interesting room.  It had statues of Generals and a bust of Winston Churchill.  There were hundreds of swords and guns.  The swords were GORGEOUS.  A great deal of them had jewels all over the handle.  My two favorites had emeralds in the hilt and the other had sapphires. 
  • Lastly, the grand stair case was beautiful but it was busy being decorated for Christmas so we didn’t get to stay.  It smelled wonderful though because they were stringing the garland with dried orange slices. 

This is the only interior picture I was allowed to take on the tour and I waited 2 hours just to get it!  That castle was COLD.


This was to the left as we exited the main castle area.  Did I mention that I wish I could see this place in the spring???


Here’s a side view of St. George’s Chapel.  There are 10 Monarchs buried in here including Henry VIII and his third wife, Jane Seymour.  I was astounded though when I found out he has no memorial tomb like every other important person I’ve seen entombed in a church!  He has only a panel in the middle of the church floor.  I was looking and looking for his tomb when suddenly I realized my Mother in Law was standing on it.  She laughed at me when I shouted, “OMG!  You’re standing on King Henry!”  <shakes head>  So sad.



Guard upon exiting the Chapel. 

And now that concludes our tour of Windsor Castle.  I hope you enjoyed the pictures (what little I got).  Come back next week to see where we go next.

Have a Great Day!


One thought on “WIBW: Windsor Castle

  1. Gorgeous! I love a good castle. It’s strange to think about the very long history, all the people who lived there, and all the events that took place there.

    I like your red coat game! I might steal it!*

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