SABL’s First Birthday

Actually, I’m a terrible Blog Mama and messed up the blog baby’s birthday.  It was December 12th and not the 19th like I “thought I remembered.”  I made it up to SABL though by getting her a new header.  What do you think? 

Anyway, here we are one year later and SO MUCH has changed already.  The blog itself has seen not one, not two but SIX different theme set ups and backgrounds and THREE name changes.  I think this one is here to stay though.  Other stats for my first year of blogging:

  • 182 posts (every other day isn’t a bad average is it?)
  • 23 Pages/Menu Items
  • Over 7000 visitors so far and around 40 of them have decided to stick around (Thanks!)
  • Three countries where posts have been written
  • Worst Blog month:  April with FOUR posts
  • Best Blog month:  August with 26 posts and a huge spike in traffic

Earlier this year, a post called 7 Links circled its way around the blogosphere.  I felt weird about participating since my blog wasn’t even a year old yet. Now that I have that first year under my belt, I figure why not?  It’ll be fun to look at some old posts and see how much this thing has grown. 

Most Beautiful

I could probably make an argument that my Puppy Love page is the most beautiful because this face is just too pretty


Honestly though, my Why Joyful Heart? post has a very important and heartfelt message to me.  Is it glorious writing?  Absolutely no.  I actually cringe a little sometimes when I read it but I meant every single word so I haven’t changed it. 

Most Popular

With posts telling about hikes in Korea, trips to Rome, and most recently my vacation in England, it’s really no wonder that my series Where I’ve Been Wednesday is my most popular.


Most Controversial

It’s not controversial but it wasn’t my normal “happy go lucky” tone so I’ll say it’s the closest I’ve been.

Getting Back On Track

Most Helpful

I introduced myself to A LOT of exercise this summer, when I started training for a marathon.  Here are my most helpful, exercise-related posts.

Introducing Glutamine

Push Up Madness Continued <—Most helpful to push up newbies


Surprise Success

Food blogs are pretty much my favorite blogs to read which may have come across when I wrote these two.  I don’t by any means consider myself a food blogger though.  I lack the photog skills (right now anyway) and the creativity to develop ORIGINAL recipes.  So it most definitely surprises me when a huge chunk of my traffic goes to these two posts. 

What a Corny Surprise <—I discovered I DO in fact like oatmeal

Baked Veggie Risotto <—Veggies and risotto in a pinch

Not Enough

Again, this wasn’t brilliant writing.  I think this was within my first 10 posts actually.  However, I feel it’s still relevant since choosing a marathon is a daunting task.  I would love for people to read this and see if they can think of any other factors affecting a marathon choice.

How to Choose a Marathon

Most Proud

I wrote this post about a week after I found out that I was deploying this year.  I was pretty upset about 1) leaving before my husband got back from his own deployment, 2) missing the birth of my little brother’s first child and 3) missing all of the other big events of this year.  I still believe this to be one of my best written posts and it’s most definitely my MOST heartfelt one. 

Thank You For Your Service


Anywho, I’ve learned a lot this year and I hope to continue this little blog for a long time.  Have fun going through some of my old posts and feel free to leave any new opinions or feedback on them.

Thanks again for being a reader!

Have a great day!


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