Perfect Saturday

Hey all!  Hope your weekend is treating you well.  Mine sure is.  I’m off to Winterhaven, Tucson to check out the Festival of Lights. 

winterhaven sign


We’re taking a trolley ride through to enjoy the lights.  It should be a lot of fun.  Here’s the rest of the day so far:

3 hours of Almond, Cashew and Coconut butter!






Dog Park with Hubby and friend, Travis.  His adorable chow pup is Bear.




Dog Bath!



Hope your Saturday was just as fun filled!


4 thoughts on “Perfect Saturday

  1. Bear is so cute! So are your babies 🙂 I hope bath time wasnt too dramatic. My pup HATES it and she manages to get everything and everyone wet from all of her squirming.

    Hope you had a great time at the festival of lights! That looks like it would be fun

    • I love Bear! He’s too freakin adorable! It’s so funny to think of your little Pita getting everyone wet. She must squirm something fierce. 😀

      The festival was awesome! Pics coming soon

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