Traveling Thursday: Seal Watching & Holt, Norfolk

Hey there! How’s your day going so far?  I hope it’s well.  Today is the first post after a LOOOOONG hiatus from Where I’ve Been Wednesday but I messed it up so today we’ll call it Traveling Thursday ok?  If you’re new to SABL, Where I’ve Been Wednesday is a series where I show you some of the VERY cool places I’ve been fortunate enough to visit in my military career.  There are some vacation travels sprinkled in there too.  I already posted some pictures of morning walks in Bury St. Edmunds and a recap, so there are the links if you missed them.  Today I thought we’d go to the beach just Northeast of Norwich and then to Christmas Town aka Holt, Norfolk.  So let’s get started shall we?

My Brother in Law’s, soon to be parents in law, took all of us northeast for seal watching and authentic, from the coast, fish n chips. 


I knew this would be good when we arrived to the parking lot and had to be redirected due to seals blocking the road.

road seals

When we got out of the car we had a short hike to get to the coastline and IT. WAS. COLD.  and really really windy too.  Once I saw the shore though, I forgot all about the cold.  Isn’t it SO pretty?  I didn’t even care that it was gray out.  I think the grayness kind of completed the scenery anyways.

Beach 2

Don’t be fooled by the blue here Who me? I’d had my camera a whopping 3 days here and I’m still learning how to properly white balance it out while controlling all of the other fancy features.  Do you see the black spots on the beach?  Those are some of the seals.


Here they are a bit closer.  This time of year is when the females come to the coastline to give birth.  Apparently on this day, there were about 270 pups on the beach, plus the mothers.  The pups are the white and yellow ones and the mothers are the bigger, light gray ones.  The really big, dark ones are the bulls and they’re searching for some lovin.  Seals don’t have to wait 6 weeks before they can get it on apparently.


This little one was born the same morning we came to visit.  I think he’s yelling at mom for food.

Mom n Baby

This little guy was chilling out by the walk way and wasn’t even phased by all of the people watching him.  Her?  The warden told us that you can tell that this one is about ready to go out to sea because the fur is almost completely gray now.  The white fur isn’t waterproof apparently.

Baby Seal

After watching some bulls battle it out over a female we turned around to start heading back to the cars and that’s when I saw the coolest views!


I can’t explain it but I think that other than the smiling seal, THIS is my favorite picture from the day. I really liked the grass moving in the wind


Afterwards we headed to a fish n chips shop and we were so hungry that they were all but demolished by the time I thought to take a picture. 


What you couldn’t see was the other plate filled to the brim with ketchup!

With bellies full and hands warmed up, we drove Northwest to go see the medieval town Holt.



I tried searching what the deal is with all of the owls and found out that the town has an urban legend of an owl that just couldn’t be caught.  He was terrorizing the town and every time he was caught in a trap, he got out.  Even after being trapped in a well, they found him sitting on a lamp post later.  So I guess he kind of became their town mascot. 


My favorite part of Holt was all of the shops and little courtyards to sit around and people watch in.  We were walking around too fast for me to get many pictures so I snagged a couple from google. 



The reason WE were there was to see the town decked out in Christmas lights. 





Sad smile Unfortunately my camera died before I could really try to capture them.  Looks like I’m getting a back up battery now. 

Holt Lights


Ah well, maybe I’ll get stationed here someday and get to come back?  This was still a pretty fun day trip! 

Hope you enjoyed seeing the seals and a little bit of Holt.  Come back next week for more of my trip to England! 

Have a great day!


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