The Mondays

Hey there! Hope your Monday is going smoothly.  Ours isn’t terrible but the day is most definitely letting us know that it is indeed Monday.  I’ve got a hubby that’s been acting like he has the flu and it’s gray and rainy outside.  I’ve also got a dog that puked twice in the middle of my kitchen while I was making burgers. He’s looked like this most of the morning


On a side note:  Do any of you guys give your pets weird names?  My dogs’ names are Whiskey and Mocha but for some reason I always call Mocha, Mochers (Mokers) and Whiskey, Whiskey-Face.  If I’m mad at him I call him Jerkface.  Mocha doesn’t have a name when I’m mad at her because she’s perfect and never does anything wrong.


Yep.  She’s the Princess.

Who says we need kids when we have pups?

Anywho, I have a disaster of a kitchen to clean up


and then I’ve got some studying before work. 

Hope you all have a great day!


6 thoughts on “The Mondays

  1. Read this post while sitting in the vet waiting to see what the vet wants to do about the 20 chicken wing bones my pooch Lex ate out of the trash.

    Seems we’ll wait for them to come out the other end.

    Looks like he’ll continue to live up to his nickname, Mr. Poopers…..

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