Good Eats

Hey all! How is your Saturday going so far?  Mine’s going pretty well.  I’ve gotta go to work later today <boo!> but before that I’m getting lots of cooking done.  The quest to incorporate more whole foods AND vegetables into our diets lives on.  So, today I’m making THREE meals that are FULL of veggies and a pecan butter.

First up is breakfast.  Remember the corny oats?  Well, way back then Miss Laura of Sprint 2 the Table, suggested I try zucchini in my oatmeal too.  I did just that today.  I followed the same method for the cornbread oats but also grated in 1/2 a zucchini and what do you know?  She was right.  The “zucchini is only seen, not heard tasted.”  Holy cows did I just get half a zucchini and corn in with breakfast?  And I liked it?  Success!


Moving on.  I had a bag of pecans staring me in the face every time I opened my pantry. I was supposed to use them on Thanksgiving but we all know how well that went for me. Anywho, after wondering what I’d use them for (I don’t actually like them much) I decided they needed to become butter. 

I actually made this yesterday but can we pretend I made it today?  Thanks Smile  The recipe is from the kitchen wizard herself, Ashley of the Edible Perspective, so just pictures today. 



When Ashley made this, she mentioned that she needed oil in them to help them process.  This surprised me since pecans are so soft but she also mentioned it might have been that she didn’t have enough in the container.  I only had 11 oz of pecans which is only just a little over a cup and the big container needs at least 2.  Luckily my processor came with a smaller container that I could install right on top of the big one.  Problem solved and no oil needed Open-mouthed smile 




Deliciousness!  I might have eaten a couple several spoonfuls to make it all fit in the jar Be right back

I’m off to go make black bean burgers and butternut squash chili now.  That should make several veggie packed lunches for us. 

Pssst!  Mom!  All four recipes are vegan in case you were wondering. Just swap the honey in the pecan butter for maple.  It’s delicious that way.

Hope you all have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Good Eats

  1. Ooh! You’ve been busy! I’m so tempted to make my own fancy butter since it looks easy. I just haven’t quite worked up the nerve. (I’m still convinced that I’ll find a way botch it.)*

    • You totally need to try though! You can’t botch it 🙂 You only need a food processor that’s strong enough for the job. I got an 11 cup Cuisinart after a ton of research. It’s a bit pricey but totally worth it I think. I use it almost everyday now.

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