My House is Annoying

and so are stupid travel induced head colds!  I did want to get caught up on a lot today but I really do just want to lay down and sleep for the next two days.  Instead I’m sucking down an airborne every 4 hrs and trying to get some work done.  Actually, this post right now is me trying to get stuff done.  Procrastination at its finest . . . Be right back 

Anywho, my house truly is annoying.  This is only because I’m not an interior decorator and am with a man who after four years is only JUST NOW letting me decorate how I want.  Not that I really want to decorate or paint anymore because I’m leaving for school in March and will never be able to be stationed in Tucson again.  I digress though. 

My house is annoying because while it is only a 1200 sq/ft home, it is a completely open floor plan filled with huge walls that need filled with SOMETHING.   I even have these alcoves in two of the walls that the hubby and I were really excited about but then we found out that he wanted something Mexican inspired and I was leaning towards the nature end of the spectrum. Oy!  Thinking smile 

So what’s my point?

I want to decorate for the holidays and these spaces are driving me crazy!



Here are the few holiday touches I’ve put up so far.





This is what I did with the big alcove.  I like it but I don’t at the same time.  I think it’s all of the white space above it.  It’s driving me crazy but at least there’s SOMETHING there right?


My Mom and Dad gave me this candle stick holder when I moved out.  They said I was obsessed with it as a kid so they figured I would enjoy having it.  I don’t remember being obsessed with it when I was little but I do know that it’s one of my fave decorations now.  It must be because it’s shiny Open-mouthed smile



Do ya’ll have any gender neutral ideas for decorations?  My hubby and I agree we’d like some metal wall art but we don’t agree on much else after that.  He IS saying I can get what I want now, but I’m paranoid that he’ll hate whatever I get anyway. 

Anywho, I hope you all have a great day!


5 thoughts on “My House is Annoying

  1. The holiday decorations look great! I have zero decorating skills. My apartment has curtains from Target and a large print from Ikea. That’s all the skill I have.

    Do you read Young House Love? That blog has tons of good decorating ideas. A lot of it is renovation related (I skip those posts), but the have good decorating ideas.*

    • I just checked their site out and I’M in love! I can’t believe how much they’re able to do themselves. I showed the hubby and he liked it too. Thanks for the recommendation chica 🙂

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