In the Last Ten Days

Hey all!  How’ve you been?  We’re doing just fine.  We’re back now from our English Holiday as of last night and do I have a ton of pictures to share Smile  In the last 10 days we managed to see views of the countryside (England has a lot of it)


riverside views


and beach views.

Beach 2

We even got to see and play with some of the wildlife

Baby Seal

This guy was super greedy!


We also managed to see five Cathedrals and countless churches.

B St Ed

We only went inside two castles but we passed by several ruins too.


Many monuments were visited but since it’s the winter season, we didn’t get to go inside a lot of them.  The admission at most places stopped at 3:00 PM!


This was a frequent look for me.  My Arizona blood couldn’t handle the cold of England and so more hot chocolate was consumed in the last ten days than all of last year combined!


More than a couple of pints were consumed as well Winking smile

Abbot Ale2

Since we were with the parents, pubs weren’t visited as much as we would have liked but we did manage to visit the smallest pub in Britain (so it claimed) and it was awesome! 

The Nutshell2

I can’t wait to show you all more pictures but I’ve got a lot of housework, cooking and cleaning to ignore in favor of sleep catch up on. 

Have a great day all!!!


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