Black Friday

Hey folks!  How was your Saturday?  Did you have any epic battles in parking lots or shopping malls all in the name of Christmas presents?  I did not  Smile  Only because I’m making my Christmas presents this year.  I’m telling ya, that new food processor of mine is earning its keep.  Nut butters for everyone!  That’s What He Said??? Hrrrrm . . . awkward.  Anywho, I did go out shopping but I didn’t leave the house until after 1 PM Friday afternoon.  I only went to base to do my shopping too and I left a very very happy camper indeed.  Meet my new baby

cannon side view


Isn’t she beautiful???

I’ve been having so much fun figuring her out too. Just look at some of the pics I was able to get in my same crappy indoor lighting.  They’re all boxer pics of course Be right back


Whiskey face

WnM sleeping

There’s still lots more to learn but thanks to all of the kitchen wizard’s tips, I’m thinking the blog’s pictures are going to get A LOT better and at a great time too.

I’m going to be here tomorrow morning



Looks like Where I’ve Been Wednesday is getting a reboot huh? 

Do you do Black Friday shopping?  What was your favorite purchase?

Have a great day all!


3 thoughts on “Black Friday

  1. You have the same baby as me! I mean the camera. I bought around $600 of things. Saved around $200. I bought a lot of vid games and an lcd monitor and movies and uh 3tb hard drive oh my god I love all my purchases because they’re allfor me. bwahaha! I wish Iwas traveling to europe. I’m actually in Japan going to Korea tomorrow. This one week trip was free from space A. Hope you have a save trip!

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