Another Going Away

Hey all!  How was your week?  Mine was HECTIC!  We had a big inspection in our shop this week, there’s another one coming up soon and then I got surprise control of my shift for the week.  ( I hope I didn’t screw anything up!)  Anywho, there was so much going on that I’m pretty sure I got tricked into working two weeks in one.  Did you all have a weekend already?  I think I missed mine.

So what do you do after a hectic week? You get some energy out on the weekend because that’s what it’s for right? Work Hard = Play Hard

On a sidenote: Don’t worry Osan-ites we know you all had a rough week too. So there was a beer drunk for you too.

Amanda (on the left) will be leaving us to go join the Osan folks for a while, so we took her out to Old Chicago.   I loved her headband by the way!


Beers were enjoyed


I Red heart Snakebites

Smooth & creamy Guinness on top of sweet & tart Pear Cider.


You just have to indulge sometimes so Fancy Mac n Cheese complete with portabellos and grilled chicken was eaten too. 


And then we sneak attacked her with an Air Force going away gift!  She hates being the center of attention, although knowing her, you wouldn’t really believe that. 


The plans for the rest of the weekend:

  • House Prep for Thanksgiving
  • Dog Park
  • Lots o cooking
  • Lounging

Have a great weekend folks!!!


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