Hey all!  How was your weekend? Mine was pretty fantastic.  I didn’t do anything awesome really but it was a nice relaxing, rainy weekend.  I think the sum of it would be:  Endless house music, rain, grill, and chores.


Sunday Night’s Dinner:

  • For Her – Grilled Zucchini, Baked Sweet Potato Rounds, Small Steak & Sam Adam’s Oktoberfest
  • For Him – Cheesy Baked Potato the size of your head, Large Steak & Stranger APA
  • For Both – 2 vicious games of Monopoly Deal & a viewing of Fast Five

Not bad for a rainy Sunday night right?  Anywho, I have two VERY exciting announcements. 

Announcement 1: 

  • I ran pain FREE on Saturday

I refreshed my playlist and then belted my leg up with the IT strap.


I left for a super easy test run just to see if the strap would keep the pain away.  I ran 1.2 miles and was still smiling at the end.



The big test is afterward though.  For the last 6-7 weeks, each attempt at running has ended with about 2 days of painful stiffness and throbbing in my left leg.  After my run on Saturday, I stretched, foam rolled and then strapped an ice pack to my leg for 20 minutes. 


Sunday = NO PAIN

So I’m going to do 1 mile again today.  Rolling on the floor laughing 

Announcement 2:

I’m getting a new job Open-mouthed smile <—I need a smiley with a bigger smile!!!

For the past six years, I have been working in maintenance as an Electronic Warfare technician.  Basically, I’m a glorified electrician on a piece of equipment that confuses radar.  Here’s the official description:  Avionics = Aviation Electronics

Performs and manages avionics test station functions and activities. Operates, inspects, maintains, programs, and calibrates computer and manually operated avionics test equipment, support equipment (SE), and aircraft avionics systems components.


It’s been interesting and fun but it’s not really what I’m looking to do for the rest of my life My passions are fitness, nutrition and my school major is exercise science.  Being an electrician isn’t going to get me too far in any of those fields.  So I applied for a new job and after 4 months of waiting, I was accepted into Cardiopulmonary!  Here’s the official description for it:

Performs and manages cardiopulmonary laboratory functions and activities for noninvasive diagnostic cardiac procedures, invasive diagnostic and interventional cardiac procedures, pulmonary function testing, diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopies, and respiratory therapy.

I’m moving into the hospital folks Open-mouthed smile  I’m not sure of too much beyond the official description.  I do know that this means I’m going back to technical school for 6 months and I do know that Aaron and I will be getting stationed elsewhere when I’m done.  I’m so excited for the changes coming and I’m so so excited to learn something new that I’ll actually be able to (want to) use after the military. 

That’s all for now so,

Have a great day!!!


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