New Shoes

Hey, I put some new shoes on,
And suddenly everything is right,
I said, hey, I put some new shoes on and everybody’s smiling,
and It’s so inviting,

-Paulo Nutini, New Shoes

I love that song Open-mouthed smile  So, how are you doing today?  Enjoying your weekend so far?  I sure am.  Aaron and I spent yesterday running errands.  Today we’re having a house party . . . In the form of snacks on our table, music blaring loud, and tearing the house apart and then cleaning it from top to bottom.  Goodwill is going to LOVE us this weekend.  Before I get to gettin though I wanted to show you some of the loot I scored at my local Sports Authority and Fleet Feet yesterday.   I’m pretty excited  Rolling on the floor laughing

Sports Authority was having a 15% off sale for Vets, so the hubby and I took FULL advantage.  He got some snowboarding equipment, and I of course rocked out in the running apparel section.  I found a lot of stuff going for 40% off and you just don’t say no to 40% off under armour right?  Anywho, I scored 4 tanks, 2 tees, 1 sleeveless (to accent the guns!) and a new sports bra/undershorts.  Most of my stuff is black, green or grey, hence the Easter egg colors.  I hate pink/orange (I’ll make exceptions) and yellow looks terrible on me.  So blue and purple it is.   


Fleet Feet hooked me up with some new shoes too.


I went in wanting to try the Brooks, Pure Connects since I’d read so many good reviews and I know a couple of bloggers who love them.  However, the Connects didn’t really love me back.  I thought they were way too narrow for my non-dainty feet.  The Pure Cadence feels awesome though.  I tried them out on the treadmill and it took me all of 25 seconds to decide to get them.  They are super light, cushiony but not overly so and the heel is rounded.  The rounded heel kind of guides the wearer into a mid-forefoot strike which promotes proper running form. 

The other cool thing about them is that they have a minimalist structure to them.  If you look at the tread it’s separated out for flexibility and the big toe is actually separated from the rest of the toe box.



The colors don’t hurt either  Open-mouthed smile  I think they’re way awesome looking.

Anywho, my other exciting purchases are an IT Band strap and some of those crazy looking CW-X tights.  I’ll show a picture of those later.  I think they’re best seen worn. 

I’m super stoked about the strap.  Brandi says it’s annoying but if it can make me run longer than a mile then the annoyance is so worth it.  Apparently it works by compressing the IT band above the knee which shortens it and prevents it from rubbing on the knee. I won’t be able to run long yet but according to the running store peeps and some online research, it’ll make it so I can run about 3 miles a bit more comfortably.  


In the meantime, I was recommended ice massage, more foam rolling, stretches, and lunges galore. 

Well, I’m off for my house party and then hopefully a wine-date with Deana. 

Have a Great Day!


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