New Kitchen Friends

Hey all!  How are you today?  Did you have a great weekend?  I did, even if it didn’t involve a single costume.  One of my bosses had a get together for those of us who just got back from Korea.  Most of my shop showed up and we played cards (of course), had some drinks (duh?) and played pool.  It was fun getting to trade stories back and forth from when we were there.  Kind of like trading battle stories . . . but instead they were about drunken tom-foolery.  Winking smile

cards with carr

I officially saw my favorite party trick and it actually beat out the guy who can take the top off of a beer/soda can in only two BITES. You know who you are.  Anyway, this guy was tossing a top around and every time it landed on the table it balanced.

upside down top

Then he tossed it again 

fun with top

the next time he tossed it

balanced top

Needless to say, tipsy me was more than a little amused Be right back

No, it wasn’t weighted. No one else could do it.

Anywho, <insert clever transition here> remember when I melted my blender in Korea?


and then the lid didn’t fit anymore, so I had to blend like this?


Well, no more!   Open-mouthed smile


Woohoo!  More green monsters in my life AND it blends up all the spinach.  No more leafy bits!  My favorite purchase of the weekend though is this beast


I got a food processor from my parents as a Christmas present and I used the heck out of it.  Then I discovered almond butter and coconut butter and that peanut butter is good for more than sandwiches.  I also found out that those butters are SUPER expensive (when you’re buying new ones every other week).  <sniff>  Then I found out that my food processor couldn’t even grind coconut shreds past coconut flour.  Suddenly my way awesome gift (thanks mom and dad!) was actually a little inferior (sorry mom and dad!).  So, as soon as I got off the plane in Tucson, I started researching a new food processor that can handle nut butters.  And at long last I found her!  She’s glorious and turned peanuts into peanut butter in less than 5 minutes


Folks, I just made my own peanut butter Open-mouthed smile


If none of the above excites you, you need to find another blog. Sarcastic smile

I can’t wait to start making different flavors and adding mix-ins!

Have a great day all and

Happy Halloween!!!

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