WIBW: Willcox, Arizona Wine Festival

Hey all!  How are you doing today?  I’m doing much better and I’m actually really glad I got a little bit of what’s bothering me off of my chest yesterday. Anywho, today I’ve got another WIBW post for you.  Are you excited?  It involves one of my favorite things . . . WINE.  Rolling on the floor laughing

If you are unfamiliar with Where I’ve Been Wednesday posts, you can click here for the last one OR you can visit my Travels page up top.  Today we are headed to Willcox, Arizona.

Willcox was founded in 1877 and used to be an old mining town.  The remnants of which can still be found out in the fields.

old willcox


It actually very much still looks like one of those old western towns in the movies.  Which I think it happens to be very proud of. 

Willcox Commercial



Besides being an old western mining town, Willcox is most famous as the hometown of the Singing Cowboy, Rex Allen.  He was the last of the cowboys from the old western movies and actually had quite the singing career. 

Rex Allen, the singing cowboy, with Tiny Bubbles

Aaron and I were in Willcox for a wine festival but before we stopped there we decided to take a step inside the Rex Allen Museum. 

rex allen museum


There was a ton of memorabilia from him and his family.  It seems most of his kids were singers too.



The museum was interesting with all of Rex’s performance wardrobe from movies, concerts and T.V. shows.  There was even a life size statue of his horse Koko who was with him in every single one of his movies.  After wandering around for about a half hour, we decided it was time to get across the street for some wine Smile  You know . . . because we were thirsty. 


Turned out that Rex and Koko were waiting for us right outside the festival.



The wine fest gave us 6 tastes for $5 or we could get a full glass/bottle at each stand.  Not. Bad. 


Live Music!


There were only about 10-15 wineries present but seeing as wine is a tad more potent than beer, that pretty much sufficed.  Tasting wine is hungry work though and the fest only had one option for food . . . burgers.  Odd right? 


These guys had a pretty great selection of burgers to choose from:

  • Veggie
  • Green chile
  • sirloin
  • red wine & blue cheese
  • Grass fed

They also had pulled pork sandwiches and a couple of desserts. 

We settled on two grass fed burgers with a flourless chocolate torte and choco chip pumpkin bread.  I had mine with a Kokopelli, Pinot Grigio and Aaron had his with a Syrah from Stronghold Winery.  Any Tool/A Perfect Circle fans out there?  Stronghold is Maynard’s very own winery! 


Needless to say, it was all delicious!




We left the fest with happy bellies and  7 bottles for home Open-mouthed smile

  • 3 Pinot Grigios from Kokopelli
  • 2 Grenache from Keeling Schaeffer
  • 1 Syrah from Carlson Creek
  • 1 Manzora Red from Golden Rule Vineyard

That’s all for WIBW this time. 

Have you been to a wine festival before?

Hope you all have an awesome hump day!


One thought on “WIBW: Willcox, Arizona Wine Festival

  1. Rex Allen, huh? Never heard of him! But I will say that the town I went to college in is famous for being the home of Buddy Holly. I suppose some people have never heard of him. (We even have a museum with famous people’s glasses since Buddy Holly wore glasses. Yes, it is a very goofy place!)*

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