Pomegranates and Buckwheat Bakes

Hey all!  How was your weekend?  Mine was just fine.  The highlight was most definitely a trip to Sun Flower Farmer’s market. After reading food blogs for the past 7-8 months and with no access to a natural foods grocer, I was seriously like a kid in a toy store 3 days before Christmas.   Rolling on the floor laughing  My favorite find was a bulk bin of chia seeds for $5.99/lb!  That 1lb canister of chia that I got at GNC a while back was over $20!  Anywho, I went to Sunflower Market trying to find some produce, grains, and beans in bulk.  The hubby and I have been too distracted with life in general to eat right and we’ve been having a lot of junk/fast food.  Well no more!  This chica is back in the kitchen (with the hubby’s promise to do the dishes Smile ). 

Pomegranates are in season right now so I thought they would be a nutritious and delicious addition to breakfasts and lunches.  So I bought three and got straight to work. 


I quickly realized this is extremely messy work and got a little afraid for my new top


I don’t have an apron but all I needed was an old sheet & a safety pin and I was in business.


After about a half hour of cutting and separating arils from pom-membrane, I had this beautiful bowl of rubies.  These are going to be great mixed into yogurt, on top of salads and plain by the spoonful.


Another find that I was extremely excited about was raw buckwheat. 


The blog I read by far the MOST frequently is The Edible Perspective.  She is the ingenious creator of beer fries, nut butter recipes galore, and buckwheat bakes.  Seriously, go read her site now.  Anyway, she created the buckwheat bakes as a gluten free breakfast dish and I’ve been dying to try them all year!  Today, that craving was finally satisfied.

I ground my buckwheat groats up into flour and then got to mixing.




Soon I had two cocoa-banana bakes for me and two banana bakes for the hubby in the oven. 


I’m so excited to have this for breakfast tomorrow. 

Do you prepare meals ahead of time for your work week?  Do you have any go to meals to share?

Hope you all had a great weekend!


2 thoughts on “Pomegranates and Buckwheat Bakes

  1. I definitely have to prepare meals ahead of time! It saves so much time in the morning. If I dont, I’m late.

    My go-to meals right now (stomach probs, blech) are basically just rice and veggies, veggie burgers, and wraps.

    I totally thought the first picture was blood!!

    • Haha! It really does look like it huh? Those things were MESSY. Veggie burgers are totally next on the to do list as is a veggie stir fry. I’m glad your stomach probs are getting under control but I hope it doesn’t limit your diet too too much 😦

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