A Rattler Got Her

Poor Mocha Sad smile


It seems that September is migration season for rattlesnakes.  One got into our backyard about 4 weeks ago and bit Mocha on her face.  We’re lucky though.  The vet said it must have been a mature one that didn’t inject her with all of its venom in one go.  It gave her just enough to scare her off so it could get away.  Aaron was able to get her to the emergency vet and get her taken care of but man she was sure swollen.


The vet was extremely happy with how quick Aaron got her in since there were actually a few other dogs there for snake bites.  Two of them were about to pass away because their owners’ waited too long to take them in.  Never wait!  If you want to keep your pet, take it to the emergency vet!

She kept a really great attitude throughout.  Aaron said that as soon as she got back from the vet, that she was picking fights with Whiskey just like normal. 


We’re so lucky she’s ok   Open-mouthed smile


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