Stupid Knee

Hey hey all! How are you doing today? Hopefully you’re not as grouchy as I’m being today.  Last night, I had a brilliant blog post almost ready for ya’ll and then I decided to take a break for my Wednesday run. 


There were 6 miles on the schedule and all I did were 4.  They were in good time too which is probably contributing to the grouchiness here.  You see, I had to cut my run short because around 3 miles in I started getting a twinge in my left knee.  I figured, it would stop after a little bit but it kept getting worse and when I hit 4.07 miles, I was limping home.  Steaming mad 

I’m not sure where the pain came from but I do know it’s located in my left LCL (Lateral Collateral Ligament)


I’ve never had issues with my knees before so this is new and more than a little frustrating.  I’m still limping a bit this morning and I don’t want it to get worse so I am going to be biking today instead of hill running. 

I’m also planning on having a pity party for one and have a chick flick night with these two:









complete with  a glass (or two) of wine, kettle corn and a bag of frozen corn on my knee. 

Awesome right?   Shifty  I really hope this doesn’t last too long and that I’m able to do my Saturday run.  I mean I have my longest ever run to do NEXT week!  The stupid knee HAS to get better and FAST.  Anyway,

I hope YOU guys have a great day!

Ever had a knee injury?  Any suggestions or helpful advice for me?


4 thoughts on “Stupid Knee

  1. Sorry bout the knee lil lady. Besides the obvious icing in off and on when you can with a ziploc bag of ice you also might wanna invest on getting yourself a nifty knee brace of some sort. There’s also this stuff called “mineral ice” that the BX sells that works really well with relieving the pain before a run. Its in a lil tub and its blue near the bengay and icy hot stuff. Hope you feel better though 😀

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