Soooo Unprepared

Hey hey everyone!  How are ya’ll today? I’m doing great . . . now.  I went on a date with the hubby last night and I just got back from brunch with the ladies I missed so very much. 


Such a good time with all of us in our Sunday Best  Flirt female

Yesterday’s run though?  Oh. My. Goodness. That run ranks in the top three worst runs of my life!  Almost everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong.  I made do, but stressing out before attempting what might as well have been a half marathon, is not the way to start out your day. 

I woke up at 530 sharp and got my pre-run waffle in the oven (still need to buy a toaster).  Then I couldn’t find my running clothes, or my MP3 player . . . or my fuel belt . . . and where are my Gus??? Then things started to get a little frantic, I mean there are no sports stores open before 9 AM so where am I gonna get Gus???  Eventually though, with the help of a half asleep hubby who just wanted me out of the house, my Gus were located along with almost everything else.  <sorry hubby>  The only thing I still didn’t have was my fuel belt which was ok.  I have a pocket on my shorts big enough for my ID and Gu and for water I just chopped my run up into 3 x 4 miles and refilled my bottle at each stop. 

Anywho, I got to my trail and got geared up . . . only to find that I didn’t have my headphones!  WHAT??? I hit panic mode again and searched the car but no dice.

Twelve. Miles. and NO MUSIC!   But my trail looks like this!


The following went through my head:

    • I quit.  I’ll run tomorrow
    • Is the base store open?  I’ll buy new ones?  . . . it’s only 630
    • Who do I know on base that’s awake right now?
    • Can I get to Target right now?  <sigh> they’re closed too.
    • Just do it anyway . . . Crying face


I decided to suck it up and just run without it (despite how scary the inside of my head is).  I actually had two songs stuck in my head already so I just sang those over and over, wrote blog posts, and relived fun memories.  Those first four miles went pretty quickly.  The next four were a little lot harder since the temperature was starting to build friggin HOT.  When things got really tough and I ran out of things to think about and songs to sing to myself I reverted to basic training and did a jody.  Yeah, that’s right, I did a jody.

When my Granny was 91

She did PT just for fun

When my Granny was 92

She did PT better than you

And when I can’t think of anything else, a simple:

Left, Left, Lefty right left

will do just fine

After eight miles, my very dear friend Deana showed up to run/walk the last four with me.  The best part??? She brought me HEADPHONES!!!


Musical Highlights Pre-Headphones:

  • Down – Jeremih
  • Sideways – Santana ft. Citizen Cope

Musical Highlights WITH headphones:

  • Bye Bye – Jodee Messina
  • Dr. Jones – Aqua
  • Over My Head (Cable Car) – The Fray

Eclectic to say the least . . .

I felt pretty bad for Deana when she joined me though because I was in rough shape . It was getting ridiculously hot and I was feeling super dehydrated. We did a lot more walking than running and afterwards I finished 12 miles in 2 hrs 11 mins.  They’re done though right?  <sigh> We checked the temp outside and it was 99* when we finished!  Hopefully, I’ll get acclimated soon enough.  Thanks for sticking with me Deana!!!


Afterwards, I got myself two bags of ice, drove home and got my coffee ice-bath drink ready.


This is me super happy to be reunited with my Donald Duck coffee cup Open-mouthed smile

Whiskey supervised the filling tub while I got another Glee episode all set up for myself


Take a deep breath


and ENJOY the cold!


Overall I’m really proud that A) I stuck it out and ran so far without my music and B) I ran 12 freakin miles!  I am hoping that it doesn’t take too long to get used to the climate change.  I’d like to get my speed and endurance back.  Army Amy you are a beast for finishing the Dallas Hottest Half Marathon.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  Oh and lesson learned:  Make sure everything for your run is ready to go BEFORE bed.

Last but not least, here’s the best picture of the day:


I found my headphones when I got home  Confused smile

Hope ya’ll had a great weekend!


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