Hey all!  How’ve you all been?  It’s been what? 5 days almost? I’ve been pretty busy getting “in-processed” back into my base, meeting the new people in my shop, getting the work news/gossip, having girl dates and getting used to being around these three clowns again

Hubby and I 2


It’s been a lot to deal with that’s for sure and I didn’t even mention the HORRIBLE jet lag. I think I was half asleep for two days.  Anywho, I did manage to attempt my Wednesday run.  I got up at 7 AM and started my pre-run routine of

  • stumble around and make coffee
  • get breakfast ready



There’s my one lonely waffle in the oven.  I left my toaster over in Korea so this’ll have to do for the moment.


One apple-cinnamon waffle with almond butter and honey.  I found some gluten-free waffles at Safeway earlier this week and they are DELICIOUS!  Thank you America for providing me with numerous gluten-free options that actually taste good.  Did I mention it’s great to be back? 

Next on the list:

  • apply sunscreen (gots to maintain my ghostly whiteness)
  • get changed
  • check water bottle, MP3 player and Garmin
  • Out the door!

I added another step today that included getting the dogs leashed up


They were excited to say the least Smile  I did a quick mile with them for a warm up and then left for my own run.  On the schedule was a 6 miler so I grabbed my water bottle and left thinking, this’ll be a breeze.  Excuse me while I take a moment to laugh at myself


Ok I feel better.  I completely forgot about how different the conditions are here as opposed to in Korea.  I don’t know how since I’ve been having to guzzle water every five minutes and I feel like I’m constantly overheating.  I left for my run at 830 AM and it was already 85* outside.  My one water bottle that was perfect for 6 milers in Korea only made it 2 miles here in Arizona.  <sigh>  Welcome back to sunny Arizona right? Sun  I made it 2.55 miles and went home to collapse on my cold tile floor.


That’s my, I’m really glad I tried, face. 

Why the jail cell bars?


They wouldn’t let me just lay down in peace.

Oh well, I’ve got my 12 miler tomorrow morning and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it goes well.  Fingers crossed  Although, I’m thinking it’ll prob be a “3 bags of ice” kind of run.  Guess we’ll see right? 

Hope ya’ll have a great weekend!!!


10 thoughts on “Acclimating

  1. I WANT YOUR DOGS. NOW. THANKS. okay I’ll just visit. HAHAH DRY heat poop’d you out! I remember going on leave from Az to IL and wanted to run with my friend… bad idea! i was heaving my tocus off. Plus the oven thing made me laugh. woo! poor thing!

  2. I here you about the water, just going to the grocery store I get cotten mouth. Scared when I am able to run again that I might dry out and look like an old raisin. NOT THE BEAUTIFUL FACE!!! And speaking of gluten free stuffids, I found ingredients on GLUTEN FRE BEER! So if you interested, I will get with my associate and brew you a batch.

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