Farewells, Good Byes and See Ya Laters (pt II)

I said it before here, but one of the things I love most about being in the military is the networking.  I’ve been fortunate to be able to meet a very large diverse group of people over the years.  Every time I go to a new shop it seems that the first conversations with people usually start out with, “Do you know …?” Unfortunately though, that also means I have to say some version of goodbye quite often.  I had to do just that again this past week.  Sad smile  So sad but it means I’m going home right? Here are some things that I will/will not miss about my time in Korea.

What I Definitely won’t miss:

  • I will not be missing my dorm room.  Sleeping on that cot isn’t the most comfortable experience in the world and my back is so tight right now I can’t twist and pop it.  Not. Fun.


  • Banana Spiders . . . the size of your hand . . . Everywhere



Nope, not gonna miss those at all  Thinking smile

  • I will most DEFINITELY not be missing their webs hitting me in the face every 20 ft and also their webs stretching across my running path.  Have you ever tried to pull sticky dental floss off of your sweaty torso?  NOT cool Mr. Banana Spider.

What I definitely will miss:

Thai food!!!


My Coffee Shop


And the amazing people I met of course!






With the exception of finding a centipede lurking in my bed Disappointed smile , there weren’t any real bad times here.  These guys and gals made being away from home bearable and even FUN.  Thanks so much to them for the game nights, crab leg eatin, and shennanigans.  I had a lot of wonderful times with ya’ll and will miss your faces A LOT.  Best of luck to you all! Open-mouthed smile


Peace out Osan! Peace


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