First an apology to Miss Vitamin Bee.  I didn’t post my last push up video because this week was my physical training (PT) test and I didn’t want to risk maxing out twice in a week.  I’m not going to lie though, I took last week off from all floor work (pushups, abs) because every time I tried, the bump started throbbing and my arm was sore.  So, sorry chica!  I’ll post this weekend! Anywho, on to my beastliness  Angry smile

Today was PT test day.  So I had to put on my super awesome reflective Air Force gear . . .


and go check my fitness inside the gym.  You know . . . where I might get run over by a car or weight jockey.

My test went FANTASTIC! The last time I did this well, I was 21 and let’s just admit for a moment that even 5 years has made a difference on my metabolism and recovery time. 

The Air Force tests are made up of 4 components:  waist circumference, 1 min each of sit ups and push ups followed by a timed 1.5 mile run. Before I tell you how I did though I have to take a moment to tell you about the testers and their ridiculousness.

  • While one was measuring my height he makes the comment “Wow are you Asian!?!”  I thought he must have measured me shorter than my actual 5’1” height and said “haha, I’m pretty short”…but then he  announces that I’m 5’3”   Woohoo! I didn’t know I was still growing. Open-mouthed smile


  • After he measures my waist, he measures the next girl’s and says “sorry, you’re not as small as the other girl”  She was three inches TALLER than me though and while she laughed it off, I wanted to punch him for her. 


  • I ran my mile and a half really hard and finished off with a sprinted final lap.  When I finished I felt like I was about to puke and ran to the bathroom (I didn’t btw).  I heard from inside the bathrooms that the tester was shouting for me in the lobby BUT I also heard my co-worker say, “she’s in the bathroom.”  Next thing, the bathroom door opens and the tester is standing outside my stall telling me I have to sign my form.  I said that I was busy trying not to spew my guts all over the floor.  This tester actually ARGUED and BERATED me for leaving the testing area!  It wasn’t until I asked if she could wait for me to leave the stall that she decided to leave me alone . . . and then use the stall next to me!  <slaps forehead>

Anyway, they were super ridiculous. 


The Numbers

Last year’s results:

  • Sit Ups – 42
  • Push Ups – 24
  • 1.5 Miles – 12:37
  • SCORE – 92

This years results:

  • Sit Ups – 46
  • Push Ups – 33
  • 1.5 Miles – 11:35
  • SCORE – 96

I improved in Every. Single. Component. I hope I’m allowed to brag but I think I did awesome!!! 

Oh and I had one more funny moment during the test.  After I did my push ups, some random dude that wasn’t testing with us, walked up to me just to say I had “great push up form.”  Seeing as this is not the hottest outfit in my wardrobe


I’m pretty sure he meant it.  Which had me even more pumped Open-mouthed smile Anywho, I’m feeling pretty proud of myself and am pretty anxious to see if I can get my run time down even further.  Maybe under 11 minutes next year? We shall see . . .

Hope ya’ll had a great day too!


10 thoughts on “I’m a BEAST

  1. 1. Don’t apologize. I’m two weeks behind. My arms were so so so sore that I had to take a few days off. Pushups are no joke!!
    2. CONGRATS! That is so so awesome! You brought your 1.5 down by an entire minute. That’s huge. 🙂

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