A Little Catch Up

Hey all!  How was your Friday???  It’s a beautiful day here and I just wanted to say a quick hello to you from my favorite coffee shop again


They sure know how to make a frappuccino

I’ve been busy adjusting to a day shift schedule this past week, which really means I’ve been taking afternoon naps before my workouts in the evening.  It’s crazy though how just a few days can make me feel SO behind!  The big bump on my head didn’t help my schedule nor did it help my writing at all either.  Sorry that post was so blah.  I’m not sure there’s any other word for it.  Anywho, my google reader has exploded with 102 posts for the last three days!  Man, you three a day bloggers sure take all of my time up Open-mouthed smile  Good thing I love you all so much.  How do you guys keep up with your favorite bloggers?  If you miss a few hundred posts do you try to catch up or do you just let them go and hope you didn’t miss some life changing event?

BIG things are happening this month.  I’m talking HUGE . . . and suitcases are involved so get excited people. Winking smile

Here are some other things to keep an eye out for:

Anywho, I hope ya’ll have a great weekend!!!


2 thoughts on “A Little Catch Up

  1. I hate falling behind in my blog reading. I’m very OCD about reading everything in my google reader in order. If I do get behind, I still read all the posts (my OCD won’t let me do it any other way!) but I’ll skim them and usually skip leaving a comment.*

    • I’m trying to read them all but I’ve started sacrificing certain bloggers in favor of others. The ones that don’t make the cut are the ones who seem to never comment back to commenters. I very much appreciate your comments though chica! 😀

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