Lessons Learned

It seemed like a good idea to do my run a little earlier today so I could have the evening to work on some stuff . . . But I forgot how flipping hot and humid it is outside.


I look happy up there but holy cows that run was rough.  The pace says it all.


51:32 for 4.08 miles.  <sigh>  I should be happy I can run at all and that I completed 4 miles but I’m not.  That run was half walked. 

Lesson #1 – When you haven’t trained for hot running, do not try to do a moderately paced 4 miler and expect a normal time . . . especially when the weather is sunny and high 80s with high 90s humidity.

Anywho, after my terrible run I went into the fridge, looking for dinner and came out with a bottle of bubbly.  Hmmm this sounds like a good idea right? 


Lesson #2 – If there are no clean glasses, a travel mug makes a great substitution.  The wine stays colder longer. 


Lesson #3 – You don’t HAVE to fill said travel mug all the way . . . especially on a Wednesday. 

My dorm neighbors went home today, so last night we went to go play some cards in our community dayroom.  I’m not sure why someone thought it was a good idea to pour a bunch of water on me but when I got up to clobber the responsible person handle the situation, I slipped on the water on the floor and careened into the wall.  Wellll, there were two cots propped up against the wall and one fell on me. 




The big one in the back is the evil one that fell on me. The one in front almost followed but the boss jumped in and grabbed it.  Thanks boss!  This could have been much worse. 

I laughed it off and tried to pretend like it didn’t hurt at all.  I think that was just self-preservation at work though.  It was definitely one of those laugh or cry moments.  I ended up with a huge goose egg on my head and arm but my neighbor booked it to the mini mart to buy a bag of ice.  I played the rest of my card game with him holding a bag of ice on my head.  That picture up there is all that’s left of the goose egg only a day later. However, right now I can only raise one eyebrow . . . which I’ve wanted to be able to do for my entire life.  So, that’s a pretty cool side effect right????

Lesson #4 – Do not pick fights with heavy inanimate objects that can fall on you . . . you won’t win. 

The boss let me have his couch for a little bit just to make sure I didn’t show any signs of a concussion.  I didn’t but . . .



. . . perhaps this is Where I Should Have Been Wednesday???

Hope your week is going well!!!


8 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

  1. You know… after last night I think I may have found a new nickname for you….. GIGGLES!!!! Smiles and giggles… I’m on a roll =) But really, I’m glad you didn’t have a concussion. Poor roomie and her goose egg head =(

  2. Omgosh! That bruise looks bad! I’m glad you are semi-okay

    Dont beat yourself over the run. You got out there! Running in humidity is hard!

    And the bubbles were a great idea! 🙂

    • Oh I’m just fine, my pride was hurt but I did my best to not let it show. Gots to stay tough in front of those boys 😀 I am glad I did get out there at all. Small victories . . .

      I agree, the bubbles were a fantastic idea . . . maybe next time not so many though 🙂

  3. I know exactly what you mean with the humidity. The first training run I did was a simple 3 miles which should have been fairly easy..but it was horrible!! I couldn’t even go a 1/4 mile without walking. And I’ll admit, I cried out of frustration a few times. So definitely feel proud about your run! You showed that humidity who’s boss!

    • Yeah, I def get really frustrated when I don’t run as well as I think I should have (hence the wine). Thanks so much for the encouragement though chica! I am trying very hard to find positives in every run (even the terrible ones). 😀

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