Training Recap: Weeks 2 & 3

Hey hey everyone!  How are ya’ll doing? I’m great but I’m running a little behind so you get TWO posts in one day. Ooooo, how special are you??? Smile  I kinda just realized that I didn’t get a recap in of last week so I’m combining August 15th – 29th.  So, let’s get started shall we?


  • Last week, I discovered gluten-free bread and it’s been glorious.  Ever since replacing my pre-run meal with rice cakes and this bread, I have not had a single stomach issue during my runs.  Oh happy days!
  • I found Chia seeds and have been enjoying them on my rice cakes and toast, in my smoothies and in my oatmeal.


  • New things!  I got myself a new gadget and uploaded more than a few new songs to my player.  Both have given my runs the Midas touch and they’re all shiny and new now. 


  • I increased my push ups!!! I added more exercises, a new supplement and stepped down on the plan and so in two weeks, I was able to go from 20 good form push ups to 31.  I’m not sure what did it (prob the combination) but I’m very happy with the increase.  Here are the push up posts from the last two weeks.

Lessons Learned:

  • Sometimes, you just need to rest.  I’ve skipped my last two Sunday swims in favor of sleep.  Honestly, to me the swim is just an aerobic, recovery stretch session.  I don’t know if that makes sense but swimming is my strong suit, NOT running.  So I look at swimming as easy cross-training.  The first skipped swim was the result of my flu shot getting the best of me.  I slept in and felt like a million bucks that day.  Then two days later I ran my fastest 1.5 miler in 4ish years.  The second skipped swim was just because my Saturday run was late at night instead of early morning.  I didn’t want to do back to back workouts. Bottom Line:  Rest makes you stronger.  If I feel like I’m getting worn down, I’m thinking Sunday might be my best bet for a True-I-Did-Absolutely-Nothing Rest Day
  • Ice Baths are magic.  This one I actually knew but it bears repeating.  I did my first 7 miler in 7 months last weekend and I. was. SORE.  I took the ice bath and the next day I felt almost good as new.  I repeat.  Ice baths are magic. 


Despite what my face tells you

  • Flexibility.  I’m learning this one early which is probably a very good thing.  Every day for the next 18 weeks is not going to go as planned.  It’s just not.  Life gets in the way far too often.  It’s important for me (anyone really) to stay flexible.  If a work out is missed, it is not the end of the world or your training.  I actually had to skip one of my 3 mile hill runs during this third week.  However, instead of trying to make it up or doing a run out of turn, I adapted my long run this past Saturday.  It was supposed to be a 5 miler but I just did another 7 miler.  It didn’t make up all of the mileage but I didn’t increase my long run two weekends in a row.

The Numbers:

  • Missed Work Outs – THREE
  • True Rest Days – TWO
  • Push Ups – 363!!!!
  • Ice Baths – One  Freezing
  • Stomach Cramps –  ZERO!!! Woohoo!
  • Gus – One
  • New Songs – Sixty Seven Note
  • Miles Ran – 28.6 

Phew!!! That was kind of a lot . . . 

How have your workouts/training been going?  Do you have any wise words for me?  How about a playlist suggestion? 

Have a great day all!


6 thoughts on “Training Recap: Weeks 2 & 3

  1. Ice baths are ammazing! I used to dread them but now actually looks forward to them after long runs.
    One thing I’ve learned: take the workouts one day at a time. Some really suck, but others will rock your socks off. And you never really know how it’ll fold out ’til you get out there!

    • They are magic I tell you. I’ve never regretted a single one. It truly helps wearing the sweaters and drinking something hot. I’ve gotten a lot better at the pushups. I’m excited to keep progressing 😀 Thanks chica!

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