One of Those Days

Hey hey! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend so far Party smile  I just want to take a quick moment to say thanks for the encouragement yesterday.  I can let shyness get the best of me sometimes so I really appreciated the kind words (and the slaps upside the head).  Now back to your regular programming . . .

My friends and I showed up to that going away dinner last night . . . to find out that only leadership was invited.  Hmmmm, awkward.  So we went to the Thai restaurant and got to our own shenanigans.  A few couple of drinks later it turned out to be 430 AM and that I had had WAY too much fun again.  Oops! I ran home and got ready for bed and talked to the hubby.  We had fun rehashing my night until sleep hit me.  It did not take long.  Fun fact:  I first started hanging out with my hubby in Korea, July of 2007.  We used to go out with a lot of the same people and enjoy crazy shenanigans as a group.  It’s really fun for us to remember the fun, flirty times before we started dating  Flirt male

Anyway, needless to say after the late bedtime, I wasn’t exactly ready to go running at 8 AM.  Under normal circumstances I’d be irritated at myself for going outside the training plan BUT these are not normal circumstances.  I’m on my own in a dorm room and it’s just me.  So my weekend is WIDE OPEN.  No real chores to do, class is over, and there’s no one else’s schedule to work around (except scheduled Hubby chats).  SO, I slept in today Open-mouthed smile and then proceeded to rearrange my bedroom.  That’s what bored people with mild hangovers do right?

Remember the set up from before? The roomie and I already changed it once so that my bed was more secluded.  We did that to try to block more light from my bed since I had to sleep during the day.  Well I changed it again today because my queen sized air mattress finally died.  That and since I’m on dayshift again, I don’t need my area to be dark anymore.  I’m kinda glad the mattress died though because it was taking up a TON of room.  Look at how much space I have now

Here’s our small common area with the couch and my little chair-turned-pantry in the corner.


Here’s the view into my little area from the couch. 


Complete with the dreaded cot and chair-turned-desk/nightstand


Separated from the roomie’s area with the two wall lockers.  (Can you spot her in the picture?) The lockers are decorated with the plan, birthday cards, HOT picture of the hubby, and one of my favorite blogger’s 10 Ways to Live in the Present post.  Please don’t mind the full laundry bag . . .


Anyway, now that the room feels much brighter and roomy, this is the rest of today’s agenda:

    • Eat very delicious chicken tortilla soup made by roomie – CHECK
    • Wait for sunset and run 7 miles
    • Enjoy more soup and watch
      • The Wedding Planner – CHECK
      • The Holiday
      • GLEE
    • A glass (or two) of wine may be involved Smile

See ya’ll later!  Hope your Friday night treated you well!


6 thoughts on “One of Those Days

  1. Can I just say that you are absolutely obsessed with the chicken soup?? It’s flattering really. =) I still have more than half of my Tupperware lol. Oh… and don’t tell your hubby that I said he looks cute in his calendar. Oh wait.. I already did that 😉 Stupid Soju.

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