The Rebuttal

Hey all! How was your day?  Did you enter into my giveaway yet? My day has been EXCELLENT!  Why so great you ask?


That’s how fast I ran my practice mile and a half test today. Rolling on the floor laughing It seems all of that hill runing I’ve been doing is working because that is the fastest I’ve ran my mile and a half in FOUR years! Woooo! Isn’t it amazing how a great workout can make you feel like a rock star? Punk

My physical training test is in two and a half weeks so my 1st goal is to get my 1.5 mile time down to 11:45 BUT if I can’t make that then my 2nd goal is to make it under 12 minutes. We’ll see what happens. Anywho, I found a letter in my room that I thought ya’ll would like to see. It seems that the booty has a rebuttal that is addressed to myself, the Bis and the Tris.

Dear Sylvia, Bis and Tris,

I can’t believe ya’ll would turn on me like this after all of the work I’ve done for this relationship.  Do you honestly think that Aaron noticed you guys first??? Anyway, my inability to participate as a member of this team is clearly not my fault.  A team is only as strong as its weakest link and I would like to point out that our core is. in fact. THE weakest link. I’ve discussed this with the back and abs and they’ve said that they would like more attention.  How about we ALL get it together?

The Booty

Wow! Can you believe the booty would throw that much sass at us???  Ok, ok, yeah I do believe it.  She’s right too.  The core serves as the stabilizer group for your posture and all exercise.  If the core is weak, then everything else might as well be weak.  SO, in order to make my core stronger, I’m going to be incorporating more core exercises more often in the week.  (Originally I was only doing twice a week.) 

I’m going to move Thursday Abs to Friday and start doing these exercises on Wednesday as well.

Are you incorporating any speed drills into your workout routine? What are your favorite core exercises?

Hope ya’ll have a great day!


4 thoughts on “The Rebuttal

  1. I do planks and bridges for core exercises. I should probably do more haha, since my back keeps collapsing during pushups, which my arms do not appreciate since I did a faceplant during the last set of pushups yesterday :/

    • I do planks but I completely forgot about bridges. They really are an awesome exercise. That sucks about your faceplant 😀 Are you going to repeat a week? I already repeated week 3 and can tell I’m doing better.

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