The Gluten-Free Runner

Hey hey everyone!  How are you doing today?  I’m blogging to you this time from my favorite coffee shop  Coffee cup


Well the last time you heard from me I was having an argument with my alarm clock.  I totally did not feel like a run today BUT there are always going to be those days.  You just have to suck it up and get’er done right?  Right!  So I started out with my pre-run meal. 

Before I tell you about that though, let me go back a few days.  I told you already that I suspected wheat bread was giving me the stomach cramps during my runs.  That’s why I had the rice cakes before last Saturday’s run. Well, I’ve been avoiding wheat bread for almost three weeks now but a couple of days ago I made some spaghetti for dinner.  I used whole grain noodles and not even an hour afterwards my stomach was in all KINDS of knots.  No. Fun. at all.  So, I’ve decided that I def have at least a mild gluten intolerance and I’m going to keep avoiding wheat specific products.  Which brings me to my most exciting find at the base grocery store this week. 


I found gluten free bread!  Yay!  I didn’t even realize they had it but just happened to notice it hanging out in the frozen goods.  Doh! I forgot you’re supposed to freeze the stuff since it goes bad so quickly.  That’s why I couldn’t find it before.  So today’s pre-run meal was toast with crunchy almond butter and topped with chia and honey.


Dearest Hubby,

I can’t wait until I have a dSLR  Camera  with all of the trimmings.


Your Weefay Red heart

Anywho, after eating I headed out for the dreaded run.  The first three miles were AWFUL.  I couldn’t get in a groove and I kept stopping to walk.  It seriously took me 42 minutes to get 3 miles done.  Afterwards though my feet woke up and took it away.  It only took me another 39 minutes to finish the other 4 miles.  Weird.  And you know what?  I’m totally right about the source of the stomach cramps.  I didn’t get a single one on this run either.  Rolling on the floor laughing

Today’s total = 7.8 miles [.4 mi warm up, 7 mi run, .4 mi cool down]

Now for the really horrible part, duh duh duhhhhh.  January was the last time I ran anything over 6 miles.  So when I finished today, my back and my knees were hurting something fierce!  Which means only one thing.


The Ice Bath . . . Freezing 

Give it a minute . . .


Ok that’s a little better.  Two sweaters, tunes and a hot cup of coffee make this a tad bit easier.


Keep the toes out so they don’t freeze off


Yay!  I did my 7 miler!  That means I only have to train for <gulp> 19 more . . .

Hope ya’ll have a great day!

What are your workout plans for today? Anyone doing a long run this weekend?


7 thoughts on “The Gluten-Free Runner

  1. I seriously love reading your blogs. Your thoughts flow fluidly from one to another and I find myself all the way through w

  2. Stupid phone. I dunno if that first part even posted, so if it did… sorry, cause you’re going to get it again!

    Anyway, what I was saying is that I love your writing style. Your thoughts flow fluidly from one to another and I find myself finished with your article before I realize it. It’s sort of like putting on some good tunes and realizing you’re already a couple miles into a run in no time. Which leads me to…

    You can only imagine what kinds of hills and and elevation changes we have going here in SD. I’ve been trying to build up to at least 10 miles on a run, but these hills are KILLING me. Lately, we’ve been doing this thing at PT where we run a 5K, interspersed with pushups and situps at points along the way. I doubled that yesterday and came home feeling like someone had judo chopped my knees. I never thought to take an ice bath (I’m kind of a wuss where it comes to extreme temperature changes), but I’ve been putting a bag of ice on them for about 20 minutes daily. I think today I’m going to try for 10 miles and see how that goes. If you don’t hear back from me it’s cause I’m somewhere on the side of the road. 🙂

    • Aw, Wes! You just gave me the biggest smiles! I miss ya buddy. I’m glad you’re keeping up with running. Have you tried the supplement osteo biflex? It helps me out with a lot of my joint aches. It’s just when I do something extreme, like upping my mileage, that I need to ice. Are you going to get a 100 on your pt test then? 🙂 Mine is in 2 1/2 weeks now. If you’re doing 10 mi now, you should def sign up for a 10K and see what you can do. Good luck today!

  3. :/ Ummm… I’m a sad panda that i’m not in this post. But It’s not about E-mart, so never mind. I DEMAND THE SPOT LIGHT!!! 😛

  4. That’s exactly why I run AWAY from home. I don’t go to the track or a loop I ran 3.5 mi out and then 3.5 miles back. Have to get home whether I’m walking or running. That and I figure the running when I don’t want to is good practice for the marathon. I’m pretty sure I’ll hit a point where I’ll never want to run again. 🙂

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