Training Recap: Week 1



Well I made it through Week 1.  Here are the highlights . . .


Non Successes

There was only one hiccup. I missed my plyometric work out. I had to make a choice between family and working out that day and family is far more important. Red heart Family understands that it won’t happen again though or baaaad things will happen Angry smile ( I kid family, I kid)


With that being said I feel like this week was a huge success. I managed TWO whole runs without a single stomach cramp. I also discovered that hill running is brutal but totally way fun! Was that a sick comment? Ah whatev, that night was totally fun!


I’m hoping that when I get home and can get on a real schedule that I won’t have to use coffee to “move things along” anymore.  Until then, it is completely necessary and I just have to drink a little extra water to compensate. 

I also tried out a gluten free pre-run meal.   I think I’m either going to have to add another rice cake though or try out a banana with it instead.  I did a newbie thing and had a Gu on my 6 miler just because I knew my two rice cakes didn’t hold me over like they should have.  I was already hungry when I left for my run that morning.

the numbers

So here’s what week one looked like:

  • Pushups – 135
  • Pre-Run cups of coffee – 3
  • Gus – One Newbie chocolate mint
  • Rice cakes consumed – 3 salt-free with crunchy AB & honey
  • Cramps – 1 cramp at the top of my first hill
  • Meters Swam – 1000 (what a great stretch)
  • Miles Ran – 12.5

Overall I think this was a great week and I feel good.  Training ramps up quite a bit next week though.  I’m going from 12.5 –> 16.5 miles.  I foresee an ice bath or two  in my future.  Freezing

How did your fitness go this week?  Did you accomplish what you wanted to?  If not did you learn anything?

I saw a way awesome quote from Bart Yasso that I totally identify with.

“I often hear people say, ‘I’m not a real runner.’ We are ALL runners, some just run faster than others, that’s all.  I have never met a fake runner.”

Have a great day all!!!


4 thoughts on “Training Recap: Week 1

    • Thanks! No I haven’t tried Kombucha but I’ve been super intrigued by it. I don’t have access to the stuff over here but I have every intention of trying it out when I get home. It’s nice to know that there are more options though 🙂

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