First Long Run Down & 17 More to Go

Today was my first long run of the season.   I started out with a modified version of my usual pre-run meal


I switched it up with some rice cakes, almond butter and honey. On the side I had a cup of cream with some coffee to <ahem> move things along.  I tried out a gluten free breakfast because I’ve been having issues with my stomach at the beginning of my runs, which really could be a number of things like lack of conditioning or starting out too fast.  However, I already have a bit of lactose intolerance which usually is accompanied by a gluten intolerance.  No, I’m not jumping on the gluten free band wagon with no diagnosis of celiac or a milder form of it.  I switched it up just to find out if it’d help.  I’m not sure if it did but this run went really smooth in the stomach category.  I’m going to have to do this again just to be positive.

Anyway, about 30 mins after eating I did my 100 push ups plan and knocked out 45.  Does anyone have tips on how to progress faster?  I was doing the medium plan but the last couple of times I did my push ups later because I was either too sore or my arms fatigued too fast.  After my exhaustion test on Sunday, my push up app decided that I wasn’t far enough along and knocked me down to the easy plan.  I was irritated at first but when I completed the work out, it was STILL hard! Am I doing too much?  Am I not getting enough protein to build muscle?  Should I add some upper body weights to the mix too?  I’m baffled, I thought for sure I would progress faster than this. . . . le sigh

Okaaay, back to the run now.  I had six miles on the plan today and intended to take it long, slow and easy.  The point of the long run is to get time on your feet and not to run long at race pace.

This is how I finished:

  • .5 m walked
  • 2 m ran
  • .5 m walked
  • 1 m ran
  • .5 m walked
  • 1.5 m ran
    • 6 m @ 1:11:36

Highlights for today’s run:

  • there were lots of runners out and they were all super friendly (lots of smiles and waves)  One even said “keep it up, you look great”. . .   while she was passing me at like 8 m/hr Winking smile
  • I got to run past the artillery again which took me back to my warrior run 
  • I passed a group of white cranes hanging out in the open grass next to the road.  I had to stop counting them when I reached 20.  Cranes are so graceful and pretty to me.
  • Favorite songs for the run
    • Syndicate – The Fray
    • Chances Are – Five For Fighting
    • Rolling in the Deep – Adelle
    • New Deep – John Mayer

I think that about covers it.  When I got home my second breakfast was a PB Banana green monster.  I used this recipe except I made it with vanilla whey powder instead of chocolate.

Did you work out today?  What’d you do?  Help me out! How do you see strength gains the fastest?

Have a great day!


6 thoughts on “First Long Run Down & 17 More to Go

    • Right!?! Stomach cramps suck so bad and the last few of my runs I’ve got them bad either during or right after. This time I was cramp free! Oh and the cranes were awesome. I was really wishing I had my camera then.

  1. Aaah I feel you on the pushups! I ended up switching down to easy for week 3 and it still felt SO hard. I have no idea how this plan is going to have me doing 100 pushups at the end of week 6 when I’m alll but dying trying to do 50 of them with breaks. That being said I also fell asleep three hours earlier that day so exhaustion might have had something to do with it…

    • Oh goodness! I’m not alone 😀 Thanks so much for stopping by Kat! I don’t even have a hope of hitting 100 honestly but I do very much want to be able to do 50 by the time this is done. Maybe I’ll run through the plan again on the next level and try for 100. It very well could be that I’m too tired from working nights and starting training too.

    • Oh man that sucks Brittany! I hope those subside for you too. I’m SO hoping that this run wasn’t a fluke either.
      Doesn’t PB make everything better? Especially in smoothies? 😀 Thanks so much for stopping by!

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