Crabs and a Care Package

I got another care package on Monday!


The hubby sent me a Women’s Health, two Runner’s World, my running journal, and a micro card full of ALL of my pictures. The latter is why I was able to put so many pictures on this week’s WIBW post. He’s the best. Red heart

Note: I am totally way stoked for when I get home and no longer live a night shift schedule.  Why?  So I won’t have to use the flash and I can take pictures during runs in the DAYTIME.

Ok I’ll stop complaining now.  I’m excited to have my running journal again.  I didn’t think I would be since I write about my runs over in the training log tab, but it has a lot of motivational tips in it.  Also, it’s fun to look back at everything I wrote during my half-marathon training.  I saw entries where I had terrible runs and motivation was low but now I know that despite those runs, I still finished the race Open-mouthed smile  Some of the best learning experiences are derived from the worst ones.  I can’t wait to go back to that race this year and beat my time.  (I’m totally confident I will)

Anywho, tonight was crab night over at the Officer’s Club.  It was delicious like usual.   


Winfrey (on the right) had a photo fail so here’s his retake.


please excuse the mess to the right


this guy has no idea how to eat





Oh goodness, also please excuse my ginormous nose!

Delicious!  I love crab nights Plate  

What are your plans for Friday?  Anything exciting for the weekend?  I managed to turn everyone down for drinks since I have a 6 miler tomorrow.  I have enough tummy troubles as it is!

Hope ya’ll have a great Friday night!


2 thoughts on “Crabs and a Care Package

  1. What thoughtful things to send! I’ve never used a running journal before. UT certainly would make it easier to look back at my previous runs, times, etc.*

    • A running journal was a great training companion for the half. I think journaling in general for training is prob a great idea. It’s helped me keep track of what foods worked best, what didn’t, how I felt during the run etc. I highly encourage some kind of tracker for training.

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