I’m Addicted

to hills that is.  I’ve been dreading this workout all week!  Even more so than the plyometrics which unfortunately I didn’t get to complete this week.  I went out for a 3m hilly run tonight and it was a fantastic night for it.  There’s a full moon today and the air was actually a little cooler.  It’s still frickin humid though!  I was plodding along up and down the route I picked out and then I spotted a really steep hill.  I decided to detour off my route to go tackle it and it BUUUURNED.  It burned good though 😀  I had to stop and curl up in the fetal position for a minute or two.  Stomach cramps suck.  When I got up though I ran down that hill and decided I wanted to go back up.  So I ran back up 😀  I think you see where this is going.  I turned my watch off and decided to just keep track of the time.  I ran up and down that hill SEVEN times! The seventh one was brutal so I decided that that was enough.  I mean, I still had to run back right?  I think I prob did do about 3 m though since I turned my watch off at the 1.5 mark and I still had to run back to my dorm.  Anyway, it’s time to go get ready for work.  I’m sure my coworkers don’t want me showing up a sweaty, red mess.

Power Song of the day goes to Nicki Minaj – Moment 4 Life  Just because as I was barreling up that hill the words “In this very moment I’m King” came on.  I felt kinda like a Bad A$$ 😀 

No pictures today BUT I did create two new tabs up top.  You can now pull my Marathon plan up just by going to the Marathon tab.  Also, you’ll see one called Puppy Love.  If you love dogs, go check that one out.  It’s still being constructed but I’ve got two of the pages up as of right now. 

Do you like hill workouts??? I thought the burn was fantastic!

Have a great day all!


9 thoughts on “I’m Addicted

  1. You are a beast! I hate hills! I want to make a shirt/sign that said, “I eat hills for breakfast” as a form of reverse psychology on myself, but I haven’t done it yet.*

    • It’s true and perhaps the conditions were just right for me to actually enjoy the horrible-ness that are hills. It was def a great introduction to them though 😀 Thanks so much for stopping by Cait!

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