100 Pushups: Week 2 Exhaustion Test

Here I go trying to beat the 18 pushups I did at the start of the challenge

Even if I don’t win this challenge, the simple fact that I can see lines in my arms will keep me doing all of these push ups Open-mouthed smile  and not sticking to the 18 required of me to keep my job.

Edited to add:   I showed ya’ll how to do a proper pushup but then I let my head move around all crazy.  DO NOT do this.  I have a bad habit of watching my arms to check for 90*  I got into this terrible habit when our (Air Force) testers started REALLY enforcing hitting 90*.  I was not going to fail for something so silly as not going down all the way.  Anyway, proper form means keeping your head straight out in front of you and slightly up.  Aim your eyes like there is a coin about 6 inches out in front of your face.  I’ll try to set a better example next time!

    Rock on!  


6 thoughts on “100 Pushups: Week 2 Exhaustion Test

  1. I salute you! Push-ups are hard! I tried the 100 push-up challenge. I lasted 3 days. I have weak little t-rex arms, so it’d be worth it for me to give it the ol’ college try again.*

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