Weekend Recap

Oh goodness, my reader is FULL and I haven’t touched the blog for TWO whole days! I took a vacation that was simply prompted by the fact that I had WAY too much FUN this weekend.  It was the first two days in way longer than I know where I wasn’t chained to my laptop either from doing homework, doing research, doing work work, reading blogs, figuring out my own blog and so on.  Anywho, my (mouse) wrist and my eyes are grateful for the break.  Thanks so much for waiting! Here’s a summary of the weekend:

  • Beer-Soaked Fries
  • Chris’s Birthday Card Games
  • a few too many drinks
  • Going away BBQ
  • Thai Food

So let’s get to those BEER Fries!

It’s so easy it’s ridiculous but save your thanks for Ashley.  These are prob one of her top three most famous recipes.  Love her blog Red heart  I went with an Amber Ale.  I just felt like a red beer would be really really good for fries. 


Cut them up into fry sized pieces.  Ashley gave a great tutorial on her fry post.  I had to fish these out of the beer bath just because I forgot to take a picture


but then I forgot to take a picture of the beer bath Open-mouthed smile Please forgive me, I was on 1 1/2 hrs of sleep.  Chris is lucky I love him so.



Pop in the oven until desired done-ness.  These tasted GREAT and did not last long among the guys.  I managed to get a few and they had a slight beer flavor with a wonderful garlicky kick. DELICIOUS!

And then I had my second blogger failure and didn’t take a single picture of Chris’s birthday shin dig.  It was fun though.  We played dominoes and spades until 2 AM.  After the games, EVERYONE was ready to go downtown and go bar hopping.  So I went and wound up having the most fun night I’ve had since I got here.  I’m not sure what got into me it was the wine but I danced so much that my calves are still sore two days later Smile That counts as a work out right?  I’m so glad I got my run in Saturday morning because I wouldn’t have got it in otherwise.

The next day I had a BAD case of the morning after giggles.  My roomie and I kept cracking up over all of the stupid things we did/said the night before and about how well we think we can dance after waaaay too many a couple of drinks.  I only slept three hours (got home after the sun came up) and then it was time to get up for the going away BBQ.  We’re saying good bye (or see you later) to Coberley (aka Old Man Cobes)


He was given his going away/thanks for your hard work plaque


and then lots of dominoes were played


and I’m sorry but today Red Bull was just necessary



afterwards it was time for THAI


and then choking out Chris for speaking out of turn


Unexpected sighting when downtown!  I saw my military training instructor (T.I.) from Basic Training (6 yrs ago) and I practically hid from him!  While I thought he was a pretty bad ass instructor and I have a lot of mad respect for him, he STILL scares me Disappointed smile  Even the guys thought he was big and scary looking!  They told me to go say hi and I hid.  Ah well, I’ll prob see him around on base and get another chance.

Anywho, after all of this craziness I went to bed for 3 hrs and then went to work.  Work was followed by 10 hrs of sleep and then the push up video! 

Hope you all had a fantastic weekend!


10 thoughts on “Weekend Recap

    • Those fries were really good! I’m completely stoked to try the sweet potato version and am positive it will be my favorite between the two. Thanks so much for being a kitchen wizard AND for stopping by 😀

    • haha, I’m glad that I’m not alone in the “social chicken” category. I mean I’m already shy but throw in the mix that I did more pushups than I can count for that guy and that he gave us verbal beatings daily for SIX weeks wellll yeah I’m a little scared of him 😀 I do hope I get another chance to say hi though!

    • Well hello there! If you like beer you should def try these. They are so delicious! If you love sweet potatos don’t forget to look for that version too on her blog. I’m glad you found me (and like me, YAY) Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

  1. Yum, I’m going to have to try to make those fries!

    It looks like you had a great weekend. Sometimes it’s good to not worry about taking pictures and just enjoy yourself. 🙂

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