Training for Holualoa

It’s completely official now.  I’ve registered for my first marathon and I just designed my first marathon plan.  I based it on Hal Higdon’s Novice 1 plan but before I show it to you, I’ll fill you in on on some of the workouts found in it. 

PU = Push ups  Even if I lose to the Vitamin Bee, I’m still going to be keeping up with those.  They’re too perfect an exercise to not do.  Well that and <ahem> my job depends on being able to do them.  Pushups are a 10 out of 100 pt component of the Air Force fitness test.

Plyos/Strength: Plyos are plyometrics.  These are explosive exercises used to work on speed, agility and can also be used for injury prevention (think lots of jumping).  I’ll also be doing things like squats, calf raises, and lunges to work on leg strength as well.

Mile repeats: I’m using these as speed work.  There may be days where I do 800s but I’ll figure that out as I go.  I made a mistake last year when training for my half marathon.  I only practiced 10 minute miles.  In fact, I have that pace so ingrained in me that I pretty much forgot how to run fast.  I realized what I’d done (or didn’t do) when I took my fitness test last year.  Even though I had been racking up so many miles I was slow now and gained 30 seconds on my run time.  No bueno AT ALL.  The run is a 60 pt component of the Air Force Test.  I’m hoping that between Plyos and timed mile repeats that that won’t happen again.

Hills:  I think that these by far are going to be my most important workouts (aside from the long run).  The marathon I chose is almost completely down hill.  It will make for a fast race Fingers crossed but it’s also got huge potential of being murder on my knees.  I don’t want that to happen so I’m going to be practicing mostly down hill running on these days.  I’ll throw in some rolling hills too since uphill running will make me faster as well. 

Swimming is going to be my crosstraining exercise of choice.  I may decide to bike some days but swimming is my favorite.

The pink block is Women’s Running Magazine’s half-marathon, which I signed up for last week.  This event is in Scottsdale and was my first half- marathon last year.  I really enjoyed all of the “Girl Power” so I’m going back again this year. 

SO, with all of that explaining out of the way, I give you my training plan, ta daaaaa:

Marathon Training

Have you run a marathon before?  Do you have any suggestions or think I left something out?

See you all tomorrow for Where I’ve Been Wednesday!

Have a great day! Sun


4 thoughts on “Training for Holualoa

  1. Ummm… does this mean i should start training for the half marathon??? It would be nice of you to come home so we could train together! Oh and just so you know lady, your run is worth 60 points.

    • Ahhh, I can’t believe I got a Deana comment 😀 You should absolutely start training for the half! I’m totally excited to be in the same race as you. I wish I could take you on training runs too. The team effort is def going to be needed for the double digit runs. Oh and I just corrected the points. Don’t know how I made such a silly mistake 😀

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