July Recap & August Goals

Honestly can we just skip the July recap?  It’s pretty embarrassing . . . No?  Okaaay, well lets see, I set a fitness, blogging, and eating goal.

  • Fitness = more solid workouts
  • Blogging = 25 posts
  • Eats = more at home meals (chow hall sucks!)


Where’s my July fitness page?  <ahem>  welll, I ran twice this month but they were so bad I didn’t even put them in a page.  I actually didn’t even get around to posting about them because there were so many other things going on. Honestly, it just came down to poor time/stress management.  I sacrificed fitness in order to accomplish work/school things.  Fortunately, yesterday was the last day of class so I won’t be doing that anymore. 


This went pretty well. I almost made my 25 goal but honestly if you don’t have the content, why post at all?  I don’t want to post just to say I’m here. There should be a reason to come say hello I think.  This month is going to involve a lot of blog reorganization and the start of some major projects Open-mouthed smile  I’m excited


I did do a lot more at home meals.  They usually involved eggs since it’s my easiest and favorite of meals.  My three favorites for the month were the maple pumpkin smoothiefrench toast and corny oatmeal. I got some easy ideas around the blog world for ways to jazz up my french toast.  I would have never thought of OJ in my french toast if it weren’t for this chica. If you’re new to my blog, I’m temporarily living in S. Korea and I’m trying not to build up too much of a pantry.  Otherwise, my eats would be far more exciting.

Ah well, so that’s all for July.  I’m going to keep the same goals for eats and blogging.  Fitness however is going to get a kick in the face.  I start marathon training next Monday and so I’m knocking the rust off my legs this week.  Oh, and the pushup madness continuesSmile  Do you have any goals for August?

Hope ya’ll had a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “July Recap & August Goals

  1. Congrats on finishing your class! It’s hard to balance school and working out!

    Cant wait to see all the new blog stuff you’re working on!

    August goals: Dominate Pushups :), Bike 3 days a week, be able to continue marathon training, go back to yoga, and post 4 recipes to the blog.

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