WIBW: The Dolomiti Mt Range

Hey everyone!  Welcome to the next installment in my Where I’ve Been Wednesday series. To all of you new readers, you can find out more about WIBW here.  Today I’m taking you on my first hike EVER up in the Dolomiti Mts (Pre-Alps) in the North Eastern part of Italy. The Dolomites are actually what separate Italy from Austria.

We set out at around 10 AM Sunday morning with nothing more than our camelbacks.  I didn’t know what to bring so I packed a sandwich, a couple of cliffbars, a mini first aid kit and a poncho.  I laugh when I look at that list now.  Here my friend had us stop a couple miles out from the mountain so we could get a good snapshot of it.  He wasn’t kidding around for my first hike.

The First Mountain

This is the start of our climb.  It was a pretty steep and all loose rock. 


After slipping and sliding our way up for a bit we made it here. (You’re not getting any pictures of my cameraman.  He hates being in pictures unfortunately)


Here’s the view from the rocks out over the valley.


We did some walking through the woods


with several peeks through the trees


I just thought the clouds were so cool the way they were coming over the Mt here.





and a super woman shot  Open-mouthed smile


This was the final and scariest part of the entire climb to the top.  It was straight up and there was only grass to hold on to.  My heart is pounding just thinking about it.


But I made it to the top and it was one of the best feelings EVER! One of the things that struck me was how QUIET and beautiful it was up there.  


The hike was sooo not over at this point though.  Have to come back down right?  Wellll, we didn’t exactly plan on going all the way to the top when we left for our hike that morning.  I was having so much fun though, that I must have said, “Let’s keep going” at least 10 times.   Basically we had NO camping gear, only a little more water and snacks and it was getting close to sun down. So we started going down on the other side of the mountain instead of backtracking the way we came.


As we were walking I said to my friend, “you know what would have put this hike just over-the-top perfect?”  He says, “no, what?” “Well you know those goats in the cartoons that hop back and forth from mountain to mountain? We totally need to see one of those”

I swear not even 10 minutes later look what we saw Open-mouthed smile


That goat was really high above us which is why the picture is blurry.  Here is the last picture before the sun went down. 


This part had several scary moments, especially since we were walking and climbing with nothing but one little flashlight that he brough. It was such slow going on the way down too.  We went up and over the mountain and then walked the entire way around the base and through a small town.  Finally we made it back to my car around 3 AM Monday morning. 

Even though I had to be at work at 0645 that day, this was still the best hiking trip I’ve ever done! 

I hope you enjoyed hiking with me today. Come back next week to see where we go next. If you’re just now catching WIBW, you can see where else we’ve been here:

Do you enjoy hiking?  Where was your favorite one?

Hope you all have a great day!


6 thoughts on “WIBW: The Dolomiti Mt Range

    • Haha! The goat is my favorite part too 😀 I’m glad you liked the pictures. Just wait until the next hike I post though. This one was the scariest hike for me but the next is the prettiest. I’ll actually show some aerial views of Lake Barcis.
      Thanks for stopping by today 🙂

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