100 Push ups: The First Video

Ok I know this is a day late but I’m still learning how to do this!  I thought uploading a video would be as simple as putting  a picture on here but then it turned out I had to get well versed in you tube legalities and privacy settings. Anywho, I promise next video will be ON TIME.

For any new readers, here are the links so you can read more about my push up duel with The Vitamin Bee.

So, without any further excuses here I am in all of my pushup glory:

1st Exhaustion test–Ready? GO!

Alright Miss Vitamin Bee Open-mouthed smile  Let’s see what you got!


5 thoughts on “100 Push ups: The First Video

    • Hey thanks Chica! I surprised myself actually with that many. No worries, about your not posting. I figured maybe you had troubles loading your video too. Looking forward to your post 😀

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