Coffee and Whiskey

I’m not sure how the other services do it but in the Air Force we’re given a day off for our birthday.  Well, here at this base they took it a step further and I received a day off and a card with some base coupons in it.

Birthday cash

  I got one for free bowling, $5 anywhere on base and a free coffee/pastry.  Not too shabby right?  I decided to get myself a coffee and slice of cheesecake for some homework time. 


I can’t wait until this class is over.  Only 9 days left!  Anywho, I have someone to introduce you to.  Open-mouthed smile  Meet Whiskey.


For a while now, Aaron and I have been talking about finding Mocha a brother to play with.  We knew we wanted an older dog, since she’s 7, and we wanted another boxer.  So we searched online and found Boxer Luv which is a boxer rescue out in Phoenix. As soon as we saw this guy’s goofy face we knew we found our new dog.  He’s about 4 years old but he acts like he’s 6 months old.  He’s got an adorable under-bite that results in him going snaggle-toothed a lot or sticking his tongue out like in the next photo.


Can you tell how excited Mocha is to have him with us? 



I’m just kidding Smile  They get along really well now.  I absolutely Red heart the next picture of them.  Aaron told me that Whiskey was passing the ball to Mocha to get her to play with him.  So cute!


Just one more reason to hope for a speedy return home.  I can’t wait to meet him!


10 thoughts on “Coffee and Whiskey

    • That’s awesome! His name was Willie before but we thought Whiskey was cooler. It’s close enough to the old name that he doesn’t know the difference. Thanks for stopping by 🙂

    • Thank you! I agree about the underbites 🙂 They’re pretty darn cute. I think he hates it though because every time he goes snaggle-toothed he starts licking his chops to fix it. Thanks for stopping by!

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