WIBW: Faces of Venice

Welcome to the next installment in my Where I’ve Been Wednesday series.  To all of you new readers, you can find out more about WIBW here.  Today, we’re going back to Venice, Italy.  Getting lost in the alleys I found a lot of interesting things about the city.  There are so many details to notice and this is just one of them.  Faces can be found EVERWHERE!  There are lots of pictures in this one Smile  Enjoy!

When walking through the alleys you will want to keep an eye on the walls.  There are many sculptures set right into them. 

sculpture in wall

knobby face

This winged lion with the book is the symbol of Venice and can be found EVERYWHERE.

book lion

Another face to look for can be found on the balconies.

balcony troll

and the doorways . . .

yellow door

Green Door

gr door face

I really liked the color of that green door.  Do you see what I see?  No, besides how monstrous this next doorway is . . .

me n beard

See it now?

bearded archway

There are stray cats everywhere too!  Caught this one napping


San Marco’s Piazza is covered with interesting faces, whether it’s a fresco . . .


a zodiac clock . . .

san marco clock

or a sculpture

column top

there’s that winged lion again

other column

Three Saints

These three saints were found on the corner of this church.


The masks of Carnevale are a huge part of the Venetian culture.

Sun Mask

as are the costumes

blue dog

purple carnival


Trust me, Carnevale will get a post all to itself.  Hope you enjoyed seeing some of the faces of Venezia Open-mouthed smile  Come back next week to see where we go next.  If you’re just now catching WIBW, you can see where else we’ve been here:

Have a great Hump Day!


2 thoughts on “WIBW: Faces of Venice

  1. Love it! That purple costume is epic. How can I get that for Halloween!? 🙂
    I seriously love these posts! Some of those faces are kinda creepy though! Imagine seeing them at night, yikes! That second one gives me the heebies!

    • There are lots of costumes for sale in the mask shops. They are AWESOME . . . and just as pricey. Eep! They were very cool to look at though 🙂 I took a really Haunted tour through Venice one Halloween. It was super creepy but gave a lot more depth to some of the spots we would have just passed by any other time.

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