Playing Catch Up

As of this moment I am in my favorite coffee shop plugging away at my homework.  I actually just tried a vanilla chai latte for the first time ever and it kind of reminded me of pumpkin pie. It’s probably the spices in it. I like it though.

Anywho, instead of telling you what I did today (homework is boring) I am providing you a video of pretty much the best conference/lecture/briefing I’ve ever seen.  I mean her ice breaker was a Zombie Apocalypse drill.  SERIOUSLY.  Watch it! It has an important message beyond what your zombie-killing weapon of choice should be. Thank you to Deana and Jenni for introducing me to this chica’s blog. She’s pretty foul mouthed and completely hysterical 😀


One thought on “Playing Catch Up

  1. LIGHTNING BOLT! LIGHTNING BOLT!!!!!! LIGHTNING BOLT!!!! oh man, good thing i could use a weapon. You still alive?

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