Busting my Sugar Craving

So I’ve maybe mentioned once or twice that I have a killer sweet tooth and that Ben & Jerry’s makes me miserable because it’s so flipping good!  Well I think I may have found the cure . . . or at least a treat that can keep my cravings in check.  I found these on (Never) homemaker but they mentioned that they’re not an original recipe of theirs either.  However, I’m not really going to list the recipe for ya’ll.  Sorry but you can click here for the original post.  The recipe is for frozen pb chocolate banana bites.  The coating tastes just like a reeses, and the banana fools me into thinking that it’s vanilla ice cream until it warms up a bit.  You know what’s the best part?  It only takes  one to bust the craving and I’m on my merry way.  I made these a week ago and I still have half the batch Open-mouthed smile.  Here they are:



Can you see how sad my dorm kitchen is with it’s whopping ONE SQUARE FOOT of counter space????  . . . at least I have a kitchen is what I keep telling myself.


I didn’t have any parchment to freeze them on so next time I’ll prob use some cooking spray.  All of my chocolate bottoms stuck to the plate.  Ah well!  Hope you like them as much as I do Open-mouthed smile  Have a great Friday!


4 thoughts on “Busting my Sugar Craving

  1. Oh wow – these are just what I need to keep on hand. My sweet tooth gets out of control some days so hopefully these will keep me a bit more balances. 🙂

  2. Those look DELICIOUS!! I have been needing to switch out some of my old favorites for healthier options so thank you for posting this. Can’t wait to try it. We have to start teaching the next generation about healthier eating habits. Obesity is on the rise (especially childhood obesity) and as a mom of 2 I was also concerned that this Mom’s Guide (http://www.1dental.com/moms-guide/) states tooth decay as the most common illness among children.

  3. You’re very welcome Joy. They certainly are a much lighter treat with natural banana sugar, vitamins and minerals. If you used unsweetened chocolate the only sugar you’d have to worry about is what’s in the bananas. Which is still very good for you! I hope you and your little ones enjoy them as much as I do 🙂

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