WIBW: Venezia (Part I)

Hello all and welcome to my first of (hopefully) many Where I’ve Been Wednesday posts.  I decided that I want to start out with my most favorite place in the world . . . Venice.  I absolutely adored Venice.  Every time I went, I found a new place.  I wasn’t blogging (I hadn’t even heard of it) at the time so I regret not getting pictures of some of my more frequent hangouts but I can show you A LOT of Venice still.  I have so many pictures that I’ve decided that I need to split Venezia up into multiple posts.  Hope ya’ll don’t mind  Smile  Well let’s get started shall we?

Like I said, Venice was my absolute favorite city in Italy.   A lot of my friends thought that was strange though.  One actually said that, “the only thing to do in Venice is play with the Pigeons in San Marco’s Square.”

pigeon playing

Turned out that part was fun but I liked a lot more about Venice.

What do you know of Venice already?  Probably that it’s a series of islands connected by water alleys and that they go everywhere by gondola with men in stripes singing about “pizza pie.”   Most of that is true, except the gondolas are one of their many tourist traps. Only 100 Euro a ride!

gondola yard

It’s worth it though just to see some of the sides of the buildings you can’t see from the walkways and to go underneath the Bridge of Sighs.

offside island

I didn’t even ride one until I had a few people to split the cost with.  The waterways are one of the main modes of transportation for a vast majority of the Venetians.  Everywhere, you see tons of alleys which are lined with boats.

waterway 2

water alley


cemetary on another island

Here is a cemetary across the water that can only be gotten to by boat. It’s neat when you ride the train into Venice and see the water highways around the islands. There are speed limits and lanes marked out just like the roads.

I thought the walking alleys were just as interesting though.  It’s seriously a puzzle walking anywhere.  There are SO so many alleys and they range from the wide

Big Alley

to the very narrow


with surprises around every corner Smile


Make sure when you visit Venice that you take a map because you WILL need it.  That’s all for this week.  Come back next Wednesday for more pictures!  Would ya’ll like me to move to Rome and come back to Venice later?  Or would you like more Venice?

Hope you all had a great 4th of July weekend!


5 thoughts on “WIBW: Venezia (Part I)

    • Aw shucks HEAB 😀 I agree I totally loved getting lost, I found some of the coolest pubs and such that way. Thanks so much for stopping by!

  1. So excited about this series Sylvia!! Do I have to wait until next Wednesday to see more Venice pictures? 🙂

    I’ve never been to Venice, only Florence and Milan but I’m dying to go. It looks amazing. It looks like some of the doors open right up to the water!

    I had no idea that gondolas were tourist traps! I will most definitely keep that in mind!

    • What’s ridiculous is that I lived there for almost two years and somehow never made it to Milan! Ah well, I did manage to get about a lot though. I’m def restraining myself from posting photos everyday. I’m pretty excited to share 🙂 Thanks for the series love!

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