Running to Clear the Mind

I know for most of you, that if you like to run then you probably have your workouts planned for the week.  Have you ever run spontaneously though?  Have you ever had an issue that’s bothering you so much that you just have to go “run it out?”  I most definitely did last night.  Don’t worry it’s really nothing major.  It was just over “work stuff.”   I don't know smile  I got very annoyed about some issues that I don’t necessarily agree with so I was trying to sort it out in my head.  Don’t judge until you’ve evaluated yourself right?  I was just trying to figure out if what I had a problem with was really actually “the problem.”  Kind of like double checking your math if you will Smile

Anywho, I found that I couldn’t quite find my focus and that definitely does not provide the correct mind set for studying at all.  So I pulled on my running shoes, strapped my watch on and made sure to grab a water bottle.  My first mile was amazing for me at 8:00!  The next not so great but not because I was feeling bad.  It was that my mind couldn’t focus on my run either!  I thought with the first mile “man I should run angry more often” and then found out it didn’t exactly make for hard charging running material.  Well I kept going back and forth from “running it out” to “walking it out.”  Before I knew it I had 6.23 miles under my belt in 1:12:26.  Not too exciting a pace but I hadn’t really planned on doing over 4 miles either, haha.  I was just so darn distracted.  Ah well, I felt like I had a grasp on the situation but called my husband to evaluate it when I got back.  We hashed it out and I feel like I have a constructive solution now, which is great!  Now I can get back to my homework Open-mouthed smile

Power Songs:

What I’ve Done – Linkin Park

Blow – Kesha

Have you ever run on pure emotion before?

Do you find that running emotionally makes you run better or distracted?


One thought on “Running to Clear the Mind

  1. I never usually run it out if a run isnt scheduled. I wish I could be more spontaneous!! I do find that yoga really helps me when I’m feeling super irritated or angry though.
    I’m glad you found a way to deal with your issue constructively! 🙂
    Hope you’re enjoying your weekend and good luck with studying!

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