Where I’ve Been Wednesday

Everyone knows that being in the military is not easy and it’s definitely not glamorous.  However, being in the military has some major benefits like education, housing and medical care.  By FAR though my favorite benefit of being in the military has been the travel.  Before I joined, I had never been farther west than Chicago! However, since then I have been able to see some seriously cool places.  Pompeii anyone???  So, instead of ALWAYS telling you about how difficult being in the military can be I wanted to take a day out of every week to show you how GREAT it can be too.

Starting next Wednesday, I’ll begin a blog series called Where I’ve Been Wednesday (WIBW) so I can share the places I’ve been stationed and also the places I’ve been able to see.  Here’s a preview of posts to come:


Diego Garcia


Hiking over Barcis

Hope you all had a good day!  Check the Training Log to see how many pushups I can crank out today  Smile


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